President Alberto Fernández participated in a party in Olivos in July 2020, in full strict quarantine due to the coronavirus.

President Alberto Fernández wants it to close the sooner the cause for the party in the presidential villa in Olivos during the strictest stage of the restrictions due to the pandemic. However, he could have bad news in the coming days: sofia patchi will be investigated by Judge Lino Mirabelli. In the midst of this scenario, in the last few hours, the former assistant and friend of the First Lady was in the Casa Rosada.

As Luciana Geuna and Maru Duffard reported in the last broadcast of Truth Consequence, by TN, Pachi, Fabiola Yáñez’s former image consultant, visited the Government House this Thursday. The data was confirmed by the Executive, where they deny, however, that it was received by Alberto Fernández.

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In mid-May, the federal judge Lino Mirabelli I agree donation offers for $3 million in total they did the President and Fabiola Yanez to give for closed the cause for the VIP party in Olives. There were appeals, and for there to be a dismissal, the Court of Appeals of San Martín must still decide.

However, among the guests of the controversial celebration of July 2020 that No made repair offers it’s found sofia patchi. As she learned from TN, she would be very upset with the First Lady for the treatment she received after the scandal that sparked the photo of the meeting in full mandatory quarantine.

President Alberto Fernández participated in a party in Olivos in July 2020, in full strict quarantine due to the coronavirus.

The detail of the anger is not minor, since his statement could add to the file new items that complicate the presidential couple. As an advisor to the First Lady in communication and protocol, and because of the trust they had, knew his every move.

Pacchi worked between 2020 and 2021 together with Yáñez and, according to the official documentation accessed by this medium, in December of last year the General Secretariat of the Presidency He did not renew his contract.

worried Due to the leak of her visit this Thursday to the Casa Rosada, the Government assures that the former assistant met, not with Alberto Fernandezbut “with the person from the General Secretariat who hired her before.”

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Yáñez’s ex-girlfriend is legally advised by lawyer Fernando Burlando. The President and the First Lady would be trying to be represented again by Juan Pablo Fioribelli, Yáñez’s lawyer. The presidential couple would also seek to reach, like them, an economic agreement to close the case.

It was only a week ago that Judge Mirabelli decided to call four of the Yáñez birthday party attendees for questioning: they are the sisters Dew Y florence Fernandez Peruilhof Stefania Dominguez and, the one that worries the most in the Casa Rosada, sofia patchi.

The Fernández Peruilh sisters were summoned for Monday, June 27, while Pacchi will declare the next day, Tuesday 28and Domínguez, on Thursday, June 30.

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