Melissa and her two dogs died from carbon monoxide.
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Melissa Lugo he was 34 years old when he died September 22, 2018 product of the inhalation of carbon monoxide, inside his apartment in Córdoba. This Monday, the case went to trial and the mother of the victim, Alicia Zagni, said: “I have been fighting for this for four years”.

With this decision of the Justice of Córdoba, the woman will begin a trial against the real estate agent and the owner of the apartment, located in Alberdi neighborhood. in dialogue with The Lizard Showstated that this revives many memories and is an instance of great pain.

Melissa and her two dogs died from carbon monoxide. (The twelve/)

About the four years of fighting, Zagni assured that many things happened in between. “The first prosecutor He had the summary secret for a year and, without warning, he abandoned the case because he was close friend of the owner of the real estate”, he stated.

Then, the process went from the prosecutor’s office one district six to district four. “They put many spokes in the wheel and every month I had to pay a crematorium deposit in vain because my daughter was there when they already knew what she had died of,” the mother expressed indignantly.

Alicia Zagni.

Alicia Zagni. (The twelve/)

The decision of the judge investigating the case

“On Friday at 2:00 p.m., the judge made a statement informing that the case was going to trial,” said Zagni. Meanwhile, she stated:Melisa is not guilty because monoxide is impossible to detect”.

In addition, he counted all irregularities from the department: “The vents they were out of order, the slope of gas was inadequate and that is why the monoxide returned”. For this reason, “every time she turned on the water heater, she poisoned herself little by little,” analyzed her mother.

The event occurred on September 22, 2018.

The event occurred on September 22, 2018. (El Doce /)

As if that were not enough, he pointed out: “The owner of the property did not know the conditions of it and the real estate agency never reviewed them ”.

the fatal finding

Melissa Lugo He was with the family on September 22. She returned to her house, went in to bathe and never came out again. After not making contact with her relatives, a friend called the police.

The troops who were present at the scene, They found her sitting in the bathtub with no vital signs.recalled through tears the woman who will soon know the date of the start of the trial.

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