Coronavirus in Argentina: cases in Confluencia, Neuquén as of April 30

The coronavirus pandemic It has been going on for more than two years and affects all the districts of the country to a greater or lesser extent. As of April 30 in Confluence, Neuquen111,264 cases of infection have been recorded since the start of the pandemic.

In the last 24 hours, no new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Confluencia, as detailed by the health authorities. And if the last seven days are taken into account, no cases of people affected by Covid-19 were incorporated.

To date, in the province of Neuquena total of 168,728 infected with coronavirus and 2,594 deaths are registered, while throughout the country there are 9,060,923 positive cases, 8,897,661 recovered patients and 128,344 deaths.

These figures come from the open database of the Ministry of Health of the Nation. As the accounting of cases by party or department is carried out under the criteria of place of residence that appears on the patient’s DNI, it may happen that the person is not in that party or department while the disease is passing.

The advance of vaccination against Covid 19 in Argentina

In turn, the “Public Vaccination Monitor” indicates that 107,403,294 doses were distributed. Of this total, 68,814,968 have already been applied: 37,582,681 people received a single dose and 31,232,287 completed the vaccination process.

* This note was prepared from the open database of the national Ministry of Health. Please, in case you find any error or suggestion, send an email to: [email protected]

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