Coronavirus in Slovenia: the government has decided on further relief

The Cabinet decided, on the recommendation of epidemiological experts, to lift the restrictions, as the epidemic was relatively favorable due to the omicron variant becoming dominant. As early as mid-April, Ljubljana lifted most of the measures introduced due to the epidemic.

Currently, masks should only be worn in health and social care institutions, such as nursing homes. Visitors to these institutions will continue to be required to present a Covid ID. Those who have not been vaccinated or have not contracted the infection should have a negative test, writes MTI.

In the past 24 hours, 747 new coronavirus infections have been registered in the country, and three patients have died from Covid-19 complications caused by the virus. The hospital cares for 78 patients, seven of whom are in the intensive care unit. In the country of just over two million people, 1,265,320 people have been vaccinated so far, 1,221,464 of whom have taken both doses.

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