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It’s not a good day for him. influencer known as Chapu Martínez. After he told that it was scammed by a company that sold tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he became the target of threats and all kinds of comments when he was labeled “mufa” and held responsible for the fall of the Argentine National Team against Saudi Arabia.

In addition, there were those they raised the tone to what can be classified as a “joke” and prepared to threaten him and his family. In this connection, the influencer and streamer Martín Pérez Disalvo, alias Coscu, came to his defense.

The influencer “Chapu” Martínez with his characteristic suit to produce content at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. (Photo from Instagram @chapumartinez)

“I am nobody, but I know that I have an arrival… I ask you, please, to stop, because it shocks me a lot to see how they are destroying a colleague”, began the thread of messages on Twitter. And followed: “Threatening the family of a kid who did nothing to them And it’s clearly not his fault. Get rooting and stop the free hate”.

He also wrote: “Chapu’s father is 70 years old, he can’t give more because fear for the health of the son. She has a little son [el Chapu] and above all, Put yourself in his place, who wanted to see a World Cup like anyone else and they are killing it everywhere. People think we lost because of him.”

Momo also came out in defense of Chapu Martínez

Momo also came out in defense of Chapu Martínez (Twitter /)

“And to all the lukewarm ones that don’t jump, bunch of shits, this is arbitrary, it can be anyone’s turn. It was my turn and I was depressed for the first time in my life, it ruined my year. jump, yeahThey are the only ones who understand more than anyone how he is suffering That kid and his family are free,” Coscu concluded.

The situation that Martínez is experiencing was also denounced by Gerónimo Benavides, better known as Momo.

They are sick people, they threatened his family and his son. I have no business with the kid, but what they are doing is terrible. After they retweet videos against bullying or become moralists and they are worse, more knowing that all this can end very badly ”, Momo stressed on his Twitter profile.

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