Vice President Cristina Kirchner together with the camper senator Martín Doñate, whom she imposed on the Council of the Judiciary (Photo: Twitter @martindonate).

The federal administrative litigation judge Pablo Cayssials rejected the protection presented by the PRO senator Luis Juez, after Cristina Kirchner appointed a camporista and left him out of the Judicial Council.

On April 19, by order of the Vice President of the Nation and head of the Senate, the Front de Todos bloc split in the Senate to, in this way, convert one of the blocks into “second minority”, and thus take away the possibility of the PRO to take the representative for the body in charge of electing and sanctioning the judges. Cristina Kirchner named the Kirchnerist Martín Doñate.

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After the maneuver, the national senator for Córdoba Louis Judge and the head of the PRO bloc in the Senate, Humberto Schiavoni, filed an injunction in Justice, which was now rejected by the judge in federal administrative litigation Pablo Cayssials and the prosecutor Edgardo Tobías Acuña.

The magistrate considered that “admitting the proposal of the amparistas would imply delving into the assessment of the subjectivity of the partition of the Block “Front of All”, all of which would inexorably lead to the judicialization of the decisions of other powers, putting at risk -in the words of the Supreme Court- the exercise of the functions that the Constitution assigns to each from them”.

“The most delicate mission that falls to the Judiciary is to know stay within the orbit of its jurisdictionwithout undermining the functions that are incumbent on the other powers or jurisdictions, since being the power called to uphold the validity of the Constitution, an advance to the detriment of the faculties of otherswould be of the utmost seriousness for constitutional harmony”, adds the ruling.

In other words, the judge and the prosecutor considered that judging the validity or invalidity of the maneuver of the Front of All in the Upper House would suppose a improper interference of the Judiciary on the Legislative Power.

Vice President Cristina Kirchner together with the camper senator Martín Doñate, whom she imposed on the Council of the Judiciary (Photo: Twitter @martindonate).

In another judicial proposal, which is analyzed by another magistrate, Justice also has yet to define what will happen with the appointment of the UCR deputy, Roxana Reyes in the Judiciary, an appointment decided by the head of the Lower House, Sergio Massa.

Meanwhile, the Council of the The Magistracy analyzes both the appointment of Martín Doñate and that of Roxana Reyesbefore sending the documents that endorse the candidates to the Supreme Courtwhich only after You must define a date so that they can swear. In the highest court they already warned that there will be no rush for taking decisions.

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