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The Supreme Court of Justice will take an oath this Tuesday, November 22, to the new members of the Council of the Magistracyrepresenting the estates of judges, lawyers, academics and the Executive Power, and would complete the process of the postulates by the Legislative Power after analyzing their situation next Thursday.

This is due to the conflict unleashed with the case of the appointment of the official senator Martin Donatewhose appointment had been questioned on November 8 by the Supreme Court of Justice itself, which considered that this place corresponded to the opposition Louis Judge (PRO).

To justice: Luis Juez assured that he will denounce Cristina Kirchner by the Council of the Magistracy

Last Friday, the Council of the Magistracy sent to the Court the names of the four deputies and the four senators designated by their respective Chambers to integrate the body that administers the judicial power and proposes and sanctions magistrates.

But given the conflict that arose, the highest court established a special agreement to analyze the case on Thursday.

Luis Judge.

Who swears in the Council of the Magistracy

As officially reported, for this Tuesday at 10 o’clock the oath of academics Hugo Galderisi and Guillermo Tamarit; the lawyers Miguel Piedecasas, Héctor Recalde, Jimena de la Torre and Maria Fernanda Vázquez; the judges Diego Barroetaveña, Alberto Lugones, Maria Alejandra Provitola and Agustina Diaz Corderoplus the PEN representative, Geronimo Ustarroz.

The ceremony will be headed by the President of the Court and the Council of the Magistracy, Horace Rosattiat 10, in the Antonio Bermejo room, on the 4th floor of the Palace of Justice, Talcahuano 550.

Last Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies appointed the legislators of the Frente de Todos as members of the Judicial Council Vanessa Siley Y Rodolfo Tailhadeof the PRO alvaro gonzalez -ally of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta-, and radicalism Roxana Reyes.

The PRO filed an amparo to fight the appointment of Judge and stop that of Doñate

The fight in Congress for the seats of the Council of the Magistracy

Meanwhile, with strong controversy, the Senate approved on Wednesday the decree to appoint its new representatives in a session in which the opposition did not go down to the premises, disagreeing with the appointments.

In the session led by the provisional president of the Senate, Claudia Ledesma Abdala de Zamorathe parliamentary decree 86/22 was endorsed, which appointed the pro-government members as directors Maria Pilatti Vergara, Mariano Recalde Y Martin Donate and to the radical Eduardo Vichi.

The senators of the Frente de Todos harshly questioned the opposition for not attending the venue and criticized the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice for the ruling of last November 8 that rejected the first appointment of Doñate in the Council and considered that it corresponded to the senator of PRO Luis Juez.

Martin Doñate and Cristina Kirchner 20220421
Martin Donate and Cristina Kirchner.

The highest court questioned the division of the FdT bloc resolved this year, after which the ruling party claimed representation by the second minority in the Judicial Council.

The appointments of the Senate for the Council of the Magistracy were rejected by the interblock of JxC, whose authorities called a parallel press conference to the session, in the Hall of the Provinces, to publicize the grounds for their refusal to debate.


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