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Couple hugs: What your Golden Retriever then asks for makes hearts jump

First, the owners of Golden Retriever lady Fira hugged.

A touching golden retriever video has gone viral on Instagram.

Canada – That Golden Retrievers are particularly loyal, family-friendly dogs four-legged lady Fira from Canada underlines with her appearance in a touching video.

First, the owners of Golden Retriever lady Fira hugged. © Image montage: Instagram/Screenshots/fira_the_piranha

The clip went viral on the furry friend’s Instagram account last month and has since garnered more than 685,000 likes. You can see a scene that makes the hearts of many viewers jump.

The work begins with Fira’s master and mistress hugging each other while the animal sits on the bed next to them. First, the dog starts tapping the couple with her left front paw as if to say, “Hey, I’m still there too.”

Since her owners don’t really respond to this, Fira finally shifts up a gear. The Golden Retriever jumps up on them and stands on its hind legs.

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Now the couple has an understanding and opens the hug to bring Fira to it. In the end, all three stand there together and hug each other.

Fira really wanted to cuddle. © Instagram/Screenshot/fira_the_piranha

In their comments, viewers showed how much they liked the scene. Many of them posted numerous heart emojis and also wrote some touching words under the video. Here some examples:

  • “Oh my god… how cute is that? He really is your baby… love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️”
  • “Our Lab Retriever does this every time someone cuddles near him and it’s my favorite thing to do ❤️”
  • “This breed is one of the best, they are born cuddlers, nice video.”
  • “Absolutely amazing; dogs are so smart.❤️”
  • “Just too precious! The dog is beautiful. You just have to love him!”

Her owners will have thanked Fira as well. In the meantime, the small family can look forward to more than 7800 followers. If you want to see more of Fira, you can visit her Instagram page look around There are already 168 posts there.

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