Court fines Bolsonaro coalition for attacks on "Democratic State"
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The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) determined, this Wednesday, a fine of around four million euros to the coalition of the Brazilian President in office, following the report of the Liberal Party that asked for the annulment of votes in the presidential elections.

In addition to not complying with the judicial determination of the president of the TSE, the court also determined that the party must be condemned for bad faith, since it did not present “any evidence and circumstances that justify the establishment of an extraordinary verification” in the electronic ballot boxes used in the runoff on October 30, according to a statement released by the TSE.

“The plaintiff’s total bad faith in her bizarre and illicit request, ostensibly offensive to the Democratic State of Law and carried out in an inconsequential manner with the purpose of encouraging criminal and anti-democratic movements that, even with serious threats and violence, have been obstructing several highways and public roads throughout Brazil, was proven, both by the refusal to add the initial petition, and by the total absence of any evidence of irregularities and the existence of a totally fraudulent narrative of the facts”, indicated the president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes.

According to the local press, in addition to Jair Bolsonaro’s party (Liberal Party), the decision also covers the PP and Republican parties, which were part of the coalition of the failed re-candidacy of the Brazilian President.

In his decision, according to the Brazilian press, Alexandre de Moraes also blocked the State’s budgetary allocations to the Party Fund until the fine is paid and requested the opening of an inquiry to determine a “possible misuse of the party structure “.

This decision comes a few hours after the Liberal Party continued to insist on alleged flaws in the electronic voting machines.

“It’s not about asking for another election,” said, at a press conference in Brasília, the president of the Liberal Party (PL), Valdemar de Costa Neto, a day after he himself asked for the annulment of part of the ballot boxes used in the presidential elections. of October 30th.

At this press conference scheduled following the TSE’s 24-hour request for the PL to present the complete report on the electronic ballot boxes, the general elections and the second round of the presidential elections, Valdemar de Costa Neto again said that more than half of the ballot boxes electronics (prior to 2020) have problems with malfunctions, but this does not prove fraud.

Costa Neto insisted that a private audit hired by the PL concluded that 61% of the 577,125 electronic voting machines used in the second round, manufactured between 2009 and 2015, “cannot be audited”, unlike the most modern ones, a 2020 model.

The leader of the PL reiterated that the votes recorded in these old ballot boxes should be invalidated and recognized that, in the party’s opinion, only the votes from the most modern devices, in which Bolsonaro would have won with 51.05%, should be counted.

The president of the PL also justified the protests of demonstrators who support Bolsonaro are taking place outside dozens of barracks in the country, demanding a coup d’état.

“People are free to demonstrate, as long as they don’t create traffic problems or impede access to the barracks,” he said.

The protests against the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the presidential elections and in favor of a military intervention gained some strength again last week, leveraged by the national holiday of the establishment of the Republic in Brazil, with thousands of demonstrators concentrating in front of to barracks in several Brazilian states.

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