The picketers cut off part of 9 de Julio avenue and caused traffic chaos 

The demonstrators started the demonstration at the Obelisk from 8 in the morning and at the intersection of Independencia and 9 de Julio avenues under the demand for a minimum wage of $100,000 and “genuine work and food assistance to poor neighborhoods.”


The picketers cut off part of 9 de Julio avenue and caused traffic chaos


At the same time, he had warned of the possibility of camping in that area in case Minister Zabaleta did not guarantee them a meeting.

The movements that make up the Piquetero Unit are the MTR-Votamos Luchar, CUBA-MTR, the Barrios de Pie Movement, the National Piquetero Bloc, the Armando Conciencia Group and the November 17 Organization, the MTR Teresa Rodríguez, a fraction of the FOL and the Movimiento Territorial Liberation (MTL-Rebelde). Also for the UP, the Coordinator for Social Change, the Socialist Workers’ Movement (MST), the Federation of Grassroots Organizations (FOB) and the Workers’ Neighborhood Movement (MBT).

On Monday, the piqueteros organizations carried out a “national plenary” at the Obelisk “to discuss the national situation, a list of demands and a plan of struggle”, an occasion in which they defined an “action of permanence” that will begin today on Avenida 9 de Julio and in other parts of the country.

The piquetero plan of struggle will continue next June 25 and 26 at the Pueyrredón Bridge, a commemorative date for the 20th anniversary of the Avellaneda Massacre, later “with actions against the governors of the 24 provinces,” and will conclude in the week of july 11possibly with “a national camping”.

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