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The Ministry of Health released today (12) new figures on the covid-19 pandemic in the country. According to a daily survey carried out by the ministry, Brazil has, since the beginning of the pandemic, 30.6 million confirmed cases of the disease and 664,600 registered deaths. Recovered cases total 29.7 million (96.9% of cases). Campo Grande News - Real Content

In 24 hours, the ministry recorded 21,300 new cases and 125 deaths.

The state of São Paulo has the highest number of accumulated cases since the beginning of the pandemic, with 5.4 million cases and 168,500 deaths. Next are Minas Gerais (3.3 million cases and 61,400 deaths); Paraná (2.4 million cases and 43.1 thousand deaths) and Rio Grande do Sul (2.3 million cases and 39.3 thousand deaths).

The lowest numbers of cases and deaths are in states in the North Region. Acre has 124,969 cases and 2,002 deaths; Roraima, 155,582 cases and 2,152 deaths and Amapá, 160,401 cases and 2,132 deaths.


According to the Ministry of Health, 426.4 million doses of vaccines against covid-19 were applied, of which 176.3 million were the first dose; 157.3 million second shots, plus 81.8 million booster shots and 2.4 million second booster shots.

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