pediatric vaccination.

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Courtesy: Unicef

Kreplak indicated that they will continue “encouraging registration for those who have not yet done so”since they are estimated to be 500 thousand Buenos Aires residents of this age group are able to receive the first dose.

To be vaccinated, they must be registered through the Province website or from the app Get vaccinated PBA.

On Tuesday, July 26, the Buenos Aires government authorized the registration of this group that needs to be vaccinated to approach the 100% of the population of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The vaccination against the coronavirus in children between six months and two years will be developed in municipal vaccination usual to continue simultaneously with the application of vaccines of the National Calendarsince it aims to take advantage of this opportunity so that when a baby comes around, he can also get the rest of the immunizations that correspond to you according to your age.

From the Buenos Aires Health portfolio they highlighted that the action is part of a comprehensive health strategy which also points to reverse the low coverage of calendar vaccinesWhat are they compulsory and free. The situation has been going on for several years, but it worsened during the pandemic.

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The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health will carry out the distribution of doses in the municipal vaccination centers and the amount will be according to the number of registrants that each of the municipalities have. In this framework, the provincial authorities held meetings with the health secretaries of the 135 Buenos Aires municipalities to outline the planning of the Campaign.

In Buenos Aires territory, they applied 41,810,979 vaccines against Covid-19, of which 15,992,894 correspond to the first dose; 14,603,807 to the second; 9,568,045 to the third (first reinforcement); Y 1,646,233 to the fourth (second reinforcement).

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