Crash at the Panamericana toll: a truck lost control and hit two cars

A tanker truck lost control when entering the Ramal Pilar toll and hit two cars. Product of the strong impact there are three wounded They were quickly assisted. The accident happened on Wednesday morning.

The first version indicates that the truck would have run out of brakes. This caused him to be unable to brake and directly hit two vehicles that were passing through the cabin. However, a case was opened to investigate why the accident happened.

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In the video you see that a toll worker crosses from one booth to another and seconds later the truck, at full speed, hits the two cars from behind. The episode occurred at the Pilar toll station, located at kilometer 34.5 of Acceso Norte, towards the City of Buenos Aires.

According to witnesses, there was five vehicles involved in chain crash, given that in addition to the two trucks, three cars were also hit. The infrastructure of the toll station was not affected as none of the vehicles hit the booths.

Traffic was delayed for a few hours, but past noon he was released. The reasons why the truck did not stop are still being investigated, although everything would indicate that the vehicle ran out of brakes.

Panamericana: second serious shock in two weeks

Just two weeks ago, a truck driver died when two vehicles of the same size collided on the Campana branch of the Pan-American highway, in the Buenos Aires town of Ingeniero Maschwitz. The incident occurred around 3:45 p.m. at kilometer 45.5 of the Pan-American highway, in the direction of Campana.

The driver of a semi-trailer truck, which was driving in the right lane, lost control of his vehicle and dragged another of the same characteristics. Both ended up on the center stonecutter.

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As a result of the incident, The driver of the heavy truck that caused the crash died.. Meanwhile, the other driver was uninjured, police sources said. The left lanes of both lanes had to be restricted while the judicial expertise was carried out and the subsequent removal of the affected vehicles.

There were delays in both directions of traffic at the site, so the road authorities recommended that drivers circulating in the area slow down and exercise maximum caution.

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