Creator "John Wick" will make a series about a giant monster

American director, actor and stuntman Chad Stahelski, who is responsible for the John Wick film series, will work on the TV series Project Nemesis, an adaptation of Jeremy Robinson’s novel of the same name. Writes about it Deadline. The Project is the first book in the Nemesis Saga series.

Stahelski is the director and executive producer of the venture, and we’re in for a kaiju show. That is a series about a giant monster.

The plot is wild: in the opening novel, the DNA of the Greek goddess of vengeance, Nemesis, is crossed with that of Maigo, the villainously murdered little girl. And then the resulting creature, fueled by a thirst, in fact, revenge, will have to walk destructively in search of their destroyer from the outback of Maine to Boston. The exotic emergency is being investigated by sarcastic US Department of Homeland Security agent John Hudson, whose paranormal department inside the department has never been taken seriously (hello, Fox Mulder!).

The ubiquitous Neil Moretz and Jason Spitz (assigned to another Chad project, the promised film adaptation of the Ghost of Tsushima game) are co-producing.

The cast and dates have not yet been announced.

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