Ramón Dupuy, Lucio's grandfather, was present at the march in front of the National Congress.

A five months after the murder of Lucius Dupuythe Pampas city of Peak General will mobilize again on your behalf. The demonstration will start at 6:00 p.m. at Plaza San Martin and the paternal family of the deceased minor will be present as every month.

Ramon Dupuygrandfather of the child, in dialogue with ViaCountry pointed out that On the 26th of each month, the town of La Pampa marches in memory of Lucio, because he was murdered on November 26, 2021 in the capital at the hands of his mother, Magdalena Esposito Valentiand the mother’s partner, Abigail Paez. He also encouraged that people from each province can also mobilize.

What stage is the Lucio Law in?

Also, he anticipated that the project of the pike lawagainst child abuse, was approved and this week will finish forming a commission for him to come in The next step is for it to go to both Chambers.

They consider that this Law, proposed by the deputy Martin Maquieyracould be approved this year. It will be the first to be dealt with during 2022, as it has priority.

Ramón Dupuy will be present at the march for the 5 months since the murder of his grandson. (Victoria Urruspuru/Argentina)

We are going to transform our pain into a fight for all those children who are mistreatedRamon said. Then he added: “Lucio’s life was stolen from me, they took it from me and it doesn’t have to be in vain, it has to be for something just and necessary.”

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