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The sale and consumption of drugs in broad daylight is something “normal” on Calle 42 del Capotillo sector in the National District, despite the number of military and police agents who appear there for the so-called mixed patrols.

Being 10:00 this Friday morning, the consumption of dope in the sector it was like smoking a cigarette in a normal way. Shops selling it, alcoholic beverages and loud music predominated in some streets of the neighborhood.

Little mattered the presence of children and adolescents in the surroundings, who are growing up seeing this type of action in the sector.

“Tell me, how does one control that? Sometimes you don’t even want to let them (children) go out because of how you see the panorama, but even from your balcony you have to see how they smoke it and sell it like nothing and, look, they are boys under 20 years”, commented Mr. Juan Luis, a resident of the sector.

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Community members confirmed Free Journal that three days ago there was an exchange of shots between two criminal groups in the sector where two members of one of the gangs were killed.

As they explain, these deaths unleashed conflicts between the members of the alleged gang, for which they fear greater inconveniences among the criminals of the place.

The locals ask that the mixed patrols with uniformed agents who do not belong to the detachment of the sweep be increased, since for them it is the only way to “rescue the sector.”

Many of the neighbors are afraid to talk about the current crime situation in Capehowever, others have been spontaneous in saying the anxiety and restlessness that they live with delinquency day to day.

They stated that businesses have to close earlier than usual due to the number of robberies and the fear of being victims of death, since supposedly the unscrupulous do not measure the consequences to act, and are willing to do anything.

The residents of Cape They assure that the establishments that are open after 8:00 at night is because they supposedly do so for other commercial purposes (sale of controlled substances).

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Other community members understand that the lack of jobs has marked the lives of many young people who are involved in vices and theft, so they ask for development programs that train them on the right path to help them get out of the precarious situation in which they live. they live.

“There’s a lot of those guys that aren’t bad, they just grew up seeing that in that environment and since that’s what they see and the opportunities are limited, that’s what they do.”said a community member from the neighborhood.

Crime plagues the Capotillo sector (FREE DIARY/ EDDY VITTINI)

The alleged friendship between agents and criminals

For residents of the area Cape The underlying problem for the criminal acts and criminality that occur in the neighborhood is the payment of the famous “toll” and the supposed “friendship” that exists between uniformed officers and local gang leaders.

They understand that the staffing of the detachment located in the sector must be changed “completely”, since these agents supposedly show that they work for “little faces”.

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