Cristian Romero consolidated himself in Tottenham's defence, despite having been absent in many games due to injury

The race of Christian Romero He took an exponential leap since he arrived at the Argentine national team. His great performances at Atalanta in Italy and his debut with the albiceleste caused Tottenham in England to waste no time in taking him to the Premier League, the best league in the world today. Since then, The defender is the most revalued Argentine soccer player in the market with an increase in his record of 18 million euros.

Cristian Romero consolidated himself in Tottenham’s defence, despite having been absent in many games due to injuryAP Agency – AP

Those who follow Romero in revaluation are also defenders and are 24 years old, although they stood out on the right side. John Foythof great last season in Villarreal of Spain with outstanding performances in the Champions League, raised its price by 13 million euros and its token reached 25 million of the European currency (+108%). The same increase had Nahuel Molina, the highest scorer in the position taking into account the five major leagues of the old continent. The ex-Boca Juniors and Rosario Central, currently in Udinese, It now costs 20 million euros (+185%).

The first striker on the list is, at the same time, the most “veteran”: Lucas Boye, 26 years old. With a great present in Elche of Spain and included by Lionel Scalloni in the last pre-list of the national team for the Finalissima with Italy and the friendly with Estonia -finally it did not remain after the final cut-, it went from being worth 3.5 million euros to 15. That is, it was revalued by 328.6%.

Enzo Fernández is wanted by clubs in Europe
Enzo Fernández is wanted by clubs in EuropePhotobaires

In the top ten of Argentine soccer players who most increased their cost there are three that play in Professional League clubs plus one who recently emigrated:

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