way to 2023 Presidential Election, All eyes – at least on social networks – are on the main leaders of the ruling party and the opposition, and their positive and negative mentions.

A survey of Scidatawhich analyzes the performance on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of politicians in Argentina, shows that Patricia Bullrich and Javier Milei are the leaders who, during May, obtained more positive mentions on those networkswhile Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri They are the “presidential” with more support on those platforms.

“Cristina Kirchner and her predecessor, Mauricio Macri, continue to show unparalleled digital performance”says the Monitor Digital Argentino (MDA), which analyzed more than 16 million mentions using the social media listening technique.

In May, the former president “He led the long list of presidential candidates”with 34.3% of the total backups in the three networks analyzed, followed by Mauricio Macri in second place, with 27.4%.

Source: Scidata Argentina.

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Meanwhile, the third place is occupied by the libertarian deputy Javier Milei, who adds 8.8% and is located above President Alberto Fernández, who achieved just 5% of digital support in May.

What happens if Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri are left out of the analysis of potential candidates? “In this plane of analysis, Milei manages to rise to first place with 21.4% of the support on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, while the president of the Pro, Patricia Bullrich, is in second place with 15.2% “, Explain Diego Corbalandirector of Scidata.

Digital reputation: which political figures have the most positive mentions in networks

The report of Scidata Argentina.

When measuring the digital reputation of the main Argentine political leaders, during May the figures of the opposition “returned to show a better climate of chat on social networks over the referents of the ruling party,” the study details.

In this sense, the MDA showed that Patricia Bullrich was the leader “with a better balance between positive and negative mentions, with 57.3% of favorable mentions and just 4.2% of rejections”.

In second place appears Deputy Javier Milei, with 50% positive mentionsfollowed by Mauricio Macri with 38.7%, the radical senator Martín Lousteau with 36.7% and the libertarian deputy Jose Luis Espert with 34%.

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Apathy and generalized rejection towards political leaders

“This good performance of the opposition leaders pushed up the average number of positive mentions for the Argentine leadership as a whole”, they point out from Scidata Argentina.

It is that, according to this study, during May, the average of approving mentions to local leaders rose to 21.8%, after having reached its lowest value in April, when it stood at 17.5%. In parallel, the negative mentions of the leadership, both official and opposition, managed to drop to an average of 7.1% last May, marking the most marked decrease so far in 2022.

Among the conclusions of the Argentine Digital Monitor, it is stated that the result of these data of positive and negative mentions shows “a scenario of political apathy that still prevails in the digital discussion highlighted on Twitter”after achieving very high rejection peaks in January of this year, with 20.1%.

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