“Cristina has an institutional role and we speak when necessary”

From Los Angeles

Almost ten thousand kilometers away and from the 24th floor of the Ritz hotel in Los Angeles, when it comes to talking about domestic problems such as the departure of Matías Kulfas and the relationship with Cristina Kirchner, the President chooses short sentences and closes the controversy.

“Kulfas should have reported to Commodore Py.” What do you think of his departure? Some partners talk about rethinking government, do you too?

—We have a year and a half left in which we have to be actors from another world. What I feel is that Argentines, and the press in particular, are too confined to the local and do not see the dimension of the change that is taking place in the world. The global concept that we know today is in crisis and it is in crisis in a worse way: with lack of energy and lack of food. This invitation to Argentina to participate in the G7 has to do with my perspective that I put to Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron, which has to do with the fact that the issue of war does not have to be a discussion of the North, it has to be a discussion of the world, because in the south the war is suffering enormously, because the first to suffer from the lack of wheat and hunger is going to be Latin America, it is going to be Africa, the Asian countries. That’s why I asked for that voice to be heard.

—And what do you think about the fact that Kulfas ended up testifying in court today?

—He went to testify as a witness, Matías is a great minister who made a mistake and a mistake that I can’t stand, which is that someone else is spoken ill of in voiceover. Moreover, I deny those who speak in off, I must confess. It is better to speak frankly.

—After a week of comings and goings, did you speak with Cristina Kirchner and consult her about the unexpected rent project?

-That is a project that we had already prepared with Martín (Guzmán) from the day we announced the bonuses for the most neglected sectors and the bonuses for retirees, it was a decision that I had already taken to take to Congress, it is in tune with what is happening in other parts of the world. I sent it to Congress, Congress will analyze it and see how it treats it. Of the rest, the vice president has an institutional role, I am the president and I have an institutional role, we speak when we need to speak.

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