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The Nobel Prize winner for literature Rudyard Kipling said that victory and defeat can be great impostors because it is easy to be committed when things are good, but it is also very easy to abandon when they are bad. That is why the poet recommends us to keep the same temperance before failures as before triumphsbecause both have a great capacity to dazzle us.

The Argentine politics seems branded by these two great impostors. While the opposition is dazzled caressing a probable victory putting at risk the unity necessary to achieve it, Christinaas a faithful representative of an officialism that is disarming little by little, she rushes to get her feet off the plate by disguising herself as an opponent.

In the current context of politics at the international level, political parties lose importance compared to the figures of the candidates. This causes politics to become deideologized and stop identifying with projects to seek saviors inside and above all outside the political system. Cristina perceives this and that is why she disguises herself as an opponent of her own candidate.. But in his last speech, he also shows that he intuits that popularity is not enough to get the necessary votes, and that he must build a political image that wins support from the voters.

Cristina Kirchner.

As you know that Argentine politics accompanies this process of showbiz and mediatization of politics that occurs in the world, the vice president does not hesitate, in recent times to give abrupt ideological turns that the heart of Kirchnerism should produce rejection although they probably won’t. This is how his statements are understood in favor of Massa or in terms of the security policies hitting the now Albertist Aníbal Fernández.

However, CFK’s hopes seem to be a container stimulus that can keep his hard core alive, which he would not need without us noticing that he has more doubts than certainties on a daily basis, but It is difficult for her to show herself as an opponent when more than half of the government is in the hands of Kirchnerism. In this logic that the government was distributed before beginning, as in a prenuptial agreement, at the time of attending the dissolution of the front, they intend to keep their parts without taking responsibility for the disaster they leave behind.

The truth is that it is also evident that the government’s kirchnerism is not in retreat either, as it continues to play a central role in matchmaking. In a context of widespread crisis, key organizations such as Anses, PAMI, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Enarsa, Correo Argentinofar from suffering cuts, many will even have increases that exceed the expected average inflation.

Cristina Kirchner: the Gilda of current politics

These organisms are controlled by Kirchnerismwith The Campora, Cristina’s kidney grouping, at the head. The Ansesconducted by fernanda raverta, will have a budget of 13 billion pesos. In the PAMI, Luana Volnovichwill allocate 18.6 billion pesos to social services, which represents 64.3 percent of the Budget for next year. enarsaa key company in national energy, in charge of also a Kirchnerist Augustine Gerezwill receive an allocation of $925,019 million. Argentine Mail (in charge of Vanessa Piesciorovski), has allocated $31.3 billion from the Treasury. Just as Airlines is a deficit-producing machine, the Post Office already had 8 million dollars in the red in the first half of this year. It is then clear that the The main state funds are managed by the vice president. Thus, even though the president Alberto Fernández manages the ministries, in budgetary terms Cámpora and Cristina have the handle. To this we must add the management of the province of Buenos Aires with his bishop Axel Kicillof.

Mauricio Macri
Mauricio Macri.

Mauricio Macri For his part, he plays the same strategy of building from his people winking outwards to win over little by little those who cannot retain or Horacio Rodriguez Larreta neither Patricia Bullrich.

Neither of them can fully win over the electorate waiting for solutions. Mauritius started with a presidential campaign strategy of taking pictures endorsing some loyal bishops in different districts. Some of those close to Mauricio maintain that there is an abysmal difference between those who openly dispute the candidacy (Patricia and Horacio) and Mauricio. In the patient silence of the latter, one can see a strategic vision of someone who knows the intricacies of power and knows how to exercise it covertly. Everything they see is very complimentary and to some extent true, but what is no less true is that, despite everything, polls do not help Mauritius. The former president continues with a large negative image and the advance of the libertarians begins to worry the entire opposition sector

The deterioration on both sides of the rift and the need to tighten the political discourse towards the center right open up the possibility of the growth of the discourse anti-caste, anti-parasitic, anti-state in which a Milei moves with more ease than the rest of the political system.

A country in morally shameful campaign

The division of the electorate could mean a significant wound for the “hawks” against the moderates of Juntos. This favors Larreta because he can point out with greater integrity that the future will be with more inflationary deterioration, greater insecurity and a necessary adjustment.

However, this perspective added to the fact that employment is increasingly precarious and that the lack of foreign currency makes it difficult for Argentina to intervene in the global economy, feed the speeches that encourage kicking the board. In this context in which the discussion becomes more ideological and radical, Larreta’s dialogism always tends to leave him somewhat lackluster or playing a radicalized role that always seems very foreign and overacted.

“A people that chooses corrupt, impostors, thieves and traitors, is not a victim but an accomplice” George Orwell

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