Cristina Kirchner called "use the pen" to stop the "import festival" and fight inflation

“This unique inflation in the world, is not due to the fiscal deficit,” stressed the former president, who also pointed out that it is not due to “supply and demand” or “tax pressure,” as various economists maintain. In this sense, she affirmed that Argentina is “the third evading country” of taxes in the world, as well as “the third country to form assets abroad.”

He also considered that although it is not the only cause, “price makers also influence inflation” and questioned the treatment given by the Government to businessmen.“This is having officials and officials who work, who sit down to discuss them, you don’t have to bow your head, you have to discuss,” stressed the vice president and considered that these things “are using a pen.”

Cristina asked to “articulate” the actions of the “AFIP-Customs, the Ministry of Production and the Central Bank” to control imports and denounced that “between January 2021 and March 2022, 1,847 million dollars of authorized imports left the country by judges and prosecutors through amparos”.

“Where there is a need for dollars, there will be a judge and a prosecutor to give dollars to importers; if the need is for the people, there is no right; if the need is for the powerful, there are judges and prosecutors. There is no Judicial Power, there is a judicial party”he emphasized.

The vice president highlighted the arrival of Daniel Scioli to the Cabinet, to replace Matias Kulfas, and maintained that he hopes that “it can redirect things”, although he assured: “we have to agree on what the criterion is.”

At this point, he indicated that “the unity of the Frente de Todos was never or will never be in question” and added: “I am not interested in staying well with any official, but rather with the Argentines.”

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Fund to pay the IMF

The head of the Senate also criticized the opposition for not wanting to move forward with the Fund to pay the debt to the IMF with dollars from the leak, which already has half a sanction from the Upper House. “The project that creates the fund for the fund targets those who had fled, but no one in the Deputies wants to approve it,” she said.

He also added to the list the other project of Senator oscar parrilli that proposes lifting tax, stock market and banking secrecy to persecute dollar evaders. “Those who have the upper hand are partying. This is a stupid state. There is no articulation to disarm the scam and everyone is afraid. There is no will, no attitude to change things,” she launched in a daze.

social plans

In another passage of her speech, the former president affirmed that the national State “it must recover the audit and control of social policies that cannot continue to be outsourced”although he clarified that the beneficiaries of the plans “work”.

In this sense, he pointed out that it is about “recovering the role and making it (the system) transparent before public opinion.” In addition, he questioned those who maintain that the policy of social plans is synonymous with Peronism: “I do not like that they want to convince them that this is Peronism. Peronism is work, Peronism is not depending on an assistant who pays you a social plan.”

Regarding the closing, he remembered the heroes and heroines of the Homeland and affirmed that “This country exists because there were men and women who did not think about the relationship of forces when they made the decisions that had to be made.” “And Peronism too”he added.

“In such a complex world, I believe that we must appeal to our best ideas. Let’s not forget this, where we come from and why we win. Win the elections to do nothing, it is better to stay at home”he concluded.

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Yasky, Cristina and Ferraresi.

Yasky, Cristina and Ferraresi.

The act of which At least 1,800 CTA delegates participated was carried out under the slogan: “State, market and prices: production, work and social policy in a bimonetary Argentina”.

In addition, members of the trade unionism of the Federal Workers Current (represented by Pablo Moyano and Sergio Palazzo), politicians and social leaders Y entrepreneurs in the SME sector.

In the preview of Cristina’s speech, Ferraresi, stated that “one of the things we have to do is build class consciousness” and give “the famous cultural battle.” “The important thing is not to win the elections, but to maintain the convictions,” said Néstor” (Kirchner), he said and emphasized that “the important thing is the convictions, but you have to win the elections with conviction.”

While, Yasky stated that the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner he is “the most important figure in all of Argentine politics in recent years.”

“I feel that we are in a very important day for the workers. It is not a minor fact that the colleagues of the CGT are here,” he said about the act.

“Defending unity is having the ability to listen to our people”, he explained and called for defeating “resignation and comfort with limitations”.

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