Alberto Fernandez in Ushuaia

In the first part of his speech, Cristina Kirchner he referred to the workings of the capitalist system in China and the United States. He praised the achievements of the Chinese government and said that “There is no other country that has incorporated so many workers into capitalism.” In this framework, the former president recalled her meeting with the president of China Xi Jinping.

He did so by expounding on “State, power and society” at the headquarters of the National University of the Austral Chaco located in Resistencia, Chaco. Her followers received her to the cry of “president”.

Cristina Kirchner He began his speech in Chaco with a message in which he marked his distance from President Alberto Fernández: “I always talk about three mandates”, he said in reference to the national management of Néstor Kirchner and his two governments. He maintained that he feels part of a collective project “that accomplished a feat after the 2001 crisis ″.

The vice president also said that “the best medal” she received in her political career is the farewell they gave her when her second term ended in December 2015. “The Plaza de Mayo was from boat to boat”, remarked.

Vice President Cristina Kirchner entered the Gala center grounds, where she received an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral (Uncaus). The former president is accompanied by the national senator oscar parrilli Y Laura Alonso, one of his closest collaborators. She was given the “attributes” for “her transcendent contribution to the consolidation of the Argentine democratic system during her mandate”: a diploma, a medal and a bright blue stole.

The former president is on the podium next to the rector of Uncaus, German Westmannand the Vice Chancellor, Manuel Garcia Alone. “You feel the energy”, said, excited, the rector of the house of studies.

Chaco: Cristina Kirchner receives honorary award of “Doctor Honoris Causa”

“Christina, Christina” and a loud applause was part of what happened when the loudspeaker asked the guests to take their places because the act is about to begin.

In the auditorium, where there is room for 4200 people seated, reigns an oiled an organization. Kirchner’s team arrived at Resistencia the day before yesterday and since then they have worked with provincial officials. The lighting and the screens with Kirchner’s image they mark the spot. In addition, as abroad, there is an extensive security operation, which is in charge of the Federal Police (PFA) and of Military Houseas it was the presence of a senior official of the National Executive.

Inside the Gala center, where he will speak Cristina Kirchner, there are no bibs or t-shirts or drums. Of course, several guests carry strident signs that say: “love defeats hate” and “the happiest days were and will be Peronists.”

The militants in the moments before the act of Cristina Kirchner in Chaco

After the Kirchnerism of the Senate today proposed changes to the pension system, the President assured that his Government is “working hard” to improve the income of retirees, “knowing that there is a problem called inflation and that we have to help those with fewer resources to cope with this problem”, while leading an event in Ushuaia.

In addition, the head of state made a strong call for the unity of the Frente de Todos. And he maintained that the government of Mauricio Macri left “70 percent of public works paralyzed.”

“We grew up in Peronism, we heard from Evita that where there is a need, there is a right. And we take care of that, of the problem of the other; we will continue working on that path and nobody is going to twist us along the way”, affirmed the President, who once again asked “Look at the future and let no one disjoin” to the Argentines.

Alberto Fernandez in UshuaiaYouTube Pink House

Before Cristina Kirchner arrived in Resistencia, the governor of Chaco, Jorge Captainichassured that the members of the Front of All (FDT) must “Listen to each other”: “The country requires a great political, economic and social consensus,” said Capitanich, who will host the vice president’s visit to the province, where she will receive an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral (Uncaus).

Jorge Capitanich at the ceremony where the title Honoris Causa will be awarded to Cristina Kirchner
Jorge Capitanich at the ceremony where the title Honoris Causa will be awarded to Cristina Kirchner

Amid growing tension in the front of allPresident Alberto Fernandez heads this afternoon an official act in the city of Ushuaia, in which agreements will be signed for the financing and construction of works in Tierra del Fuego.

Waiting for the speech Cristina Kirchner, the head of state also plans, later, to deliver floral offerings at the Monument to the Heroes of Malvinas, on the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano cruise ship. The governor will escort him Gustavo Melella; and two loyal ministers: Jorge Ferraresi (Territorial Development and Habitat) and Gabriel Katopodis (Public Works). The local mayor will also be there Walter Votoone of the swords of La Cámpora.

Alberto Fernández traveled to Ushuaia to lead an official act
Alberto Fernández traveled to Ushuaia to lead an official actTwitter

The entrance to the Gala center property, in Chaco, is divided into two sectors. The guests – they calculate that they will be around 4200 – enter through the front of the place and will be located in the auditorium. In the back are the accesses for the militancy. The organizers estimate that there will be more than 6,000.

Among the groups and militants that escort the vice president in Chaco are La Cámpora, led by Máximo Kirchner, members of the UOCRA branch in the city of Resistencia, and members of the Juan Domingo Perón movement and the Peronist Winds of Change organization.

At the entrance to the auditorium, disposable chinstraps are distributed. It is part of an organization carried out by men and women with white bibs from the UCAUS.

The militants in the moments before the act of Cristina Kirchner in Chaco
The militants in the moments before the act of Cristina Kirchner in Chaco

In her return to the center of the scene, Vice President Cristina Kirchner revived the seal of Citizen Unitwith which he competed in the legislative elections of 2017. This is the name with which he also baptized the new Kirchner party in the Senate after having ordered the breakup of the Frente de Todos bloc, in a maneuver aimed at taking away from the opposition the representation that it should assume in the Council of the Judiciary.

Little by little, small groups of militants begin to approach the headquarters of the Gala hotel and convention center where Cristina Kirchner will give her speech today. There is still a little more than an hour to go before the act that the vice president will lead begins.

Militant fervor awaiting Cristina’s speech

The arrival of Cristina Kirchner It is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. and an hour before the arrival of the first militants in the area is expected. They will be located at the rear of the property. There it is planned that the vice president will go out to greet them after her speech. The estimates of the organizers place the number of militants who will arrive at more than 6,000. While inside the convention hall it is expected that there will be more than 4,200 attendees.

Kirchner’s visit to Chaco is interpreted as a nod to Capitanich, who has already publicly expressed his aspirations for the 2023 presidential elections. The detail is not minor. Larroque “whitewashed” this week the annoyance that Kirchnerism had caused, that last November 17 Fernández announced that there would be primaries next year to settle the candidate of the space.

Cristina Kirchner he will receive his doctorate today honorary cause from the rector of the National University of the Austral Chaco (UNCAUS), German Westmannon whom weighs a request for arrest to be investigated in a case for illicit association and money laundering. In addition, he was already investigated in another file for threats, as reported this week Hernan Cappiello in THE NATION.

The accusation, request for investigation and arrest of Oestmann was carried out by the federal prosecutor of Roque Sáenz Peña, Carlos Amadbefore the federal judge Miguel Arandawho has already investigated the rector and now summons him to expand on that statement.

The Gala Convention Center, in Resistencia, where Cristina Kirchner will speak
The Gala Convention Center, in Resistencia, where Cristina Kirchner will speak

Prosecutor Amad also requested that, in the case of threats, be summoned to testify the governor of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, alluded to in one of the recorded audios that support this complaint against Oestmann. This is the complaint of a member of the University Assembly, Ricardo Martinez, which indicates that Oestmann, close to Capitanich, told him to “think of his family” before opposing his appointment to the rectorate, also mentioning that he had the support of the governor.

Germán Oestmann with Jorge Capitanich
Germán Oestmann with Jorge CapitanichGerman Westmann Facebook

At a time of extreme tension within the government front, Cristina Kirchner visits Chaco today and there is enormous expectation in the ruling party for what she will say in her speech, despite the fact that close to her they assure that she will speak more about politics than internal and they highlight the title of the master conference that he will give: “State, Power and Society: democratic dissatisfaction”.

The vice president is expected to arrive in Chaco on an official plane after 4:30 p.m.

Cristina Kirchner and Jorge Capitanich, during another visit to Chaco
Cristina Kirchner and Jorge Capitanich, during another visit to ChacoPresidency

They await her with a strong security operation by the local police both at the hotel and at the Gala convention center, on the outskirts of Resistencia, where she will be received. Formally, the former president will arrive in the province led by her former chief of staff, Jorge Capitanich, to receive an honorary doctorate from the Universidad del Chaco Austral and offer a master class. In practice she is expected to give a new round of the internal fight that he maintains with Albert Fernandez.

For the previous organization, extremely trusted collaborators of Kirchner in the Senate arrived in the province several days ago.

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