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in the middle of a great expectation for his possible candidacy for the 2023 electionsVice President Cristina Kirchner speaks at the Diego Maradona Stadium in La Plata for Militancy Day.

With a strict security system, the former president will be the only speaker at the event that has the presence of about 60 thousand people and in which several unions and Kirchnerist leaders participate in a show of support for the head of the Senate, such as Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro and Máximo Kirchner.

After his act at the UOM (Union of Metallurgical Workers) when He said that “he will do everything he has to do so that Peronism wins”the expectation is set on what he can say about the next presidential elections.

The event is held in honor of the anniversary of November 17, 1972, date on which former President Juan Domingo Perón returned to Argentina after the coup d’état.

Despite the fact that it was scheduled to begin around 6:00 p.m., the vice president’s speech began around 7:30 p.m. In the preview, the militants were able to enjoy some guest artists and live music.

The Stadium of La Plata.

The security operation after Cristina Kirchner

After the attack against Cristina Kirchner, security was reinforced around the state, there is even control for cameras.

In this sense, they also decided to divide the income between the organized militancy and the fans who attend on their own to listen to the speech of the head of the Senate.

News in development.

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