Cristina Kirchner's message about Julian Assange.

the vice president Cristina Kirchner criticized the United Kingdom for the decision to extradite USA a Julian Assangecreator of WikiLeaks, who could face up to 175 years in prison for leaking secret White House documents.

According to Kirchner’s release, this decision “endangers” Assange’s life and “sets an alarming precedent for all and the journalists of the world who investigate and seek the truth”. In that sense, the vice president concluded: “Journalistic discipline for all”.

The release of Cristina Kirchner on Twitter.

Assange’s case

Assange faces charges for violate the United States Espionage Act for having published military and diplomatic files in 2010, documents classified by Washington.

The files that he brought to light give an account of a system of torture, related to the wars in Iraq Y Afghanistan. In that sense, Assange argued that they expose the irregularities of the United States in these conflicts.

Julian Assange.
Julian Assange when he was transferred to the prison in London.

The journalist spent time in the embassy of Ecuador and was later removed from the diplomatic headquarters in the United Kingdom and detained by British forces. Since then, remained in a maximum security prisonwhile the United States pressed for its extradition. In 2019, the US authorities filed 17 charges against him, since they alleged that the information disseminated “put the lives of many people at risk.”

Now, the British Home Office has made the decision to extradite the owner of wikileaks to be tried by US courts.

Wikileaks response

After the decision of the United Kingdom Government became known, Wikileaks considered the case as a “political” investigationbecause Assange published evidence that the United States “committed war crimes and covered them up”, according to a statement published on the company’s social networks.

In defense of Assange

Thus, he accused the United Kingdom and the North American government of “try to disappear it in the darkest corners of the prison system for the rest of his life to dissuade others from holding governments accountable.”

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