Cristina Kirchner during the act in La Plata.
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There, Fernández de Kirchner took advantage of referring to the attempted assassination suffered on September 1, which is why he asked to summon the party forces that make up the local political arena to a democratic reconstruction. “I think it is the obligation of all the political forces in Argentina: to reconstruct that democratic agreement, separating the violent, the language of hate and those who want the other to die for thinking differently,” he said.

In addition, he pointed out that “No political party can accept” this violence since “it would be going back to pre-democratic stages.”


Cristina Kirchner during the act in La Plata.

Likewise, he called for reaching a consensus regarding economic issues “not where we all have the same opinion but where we address the serious problems that Argentina has” and remarked: “It is necessary then to agree on policies, because the elections have been shown to be winnable, but the conditionings They are so serious and deep that it will require that all Argentines, or at least most of them, pull together in the same direction. Believe me, if it’s not like that, our country will be difficult for anyone.”

Beyond the call to the political forces to an agreement, he did not hesitate to point against one of the three legs that make up the republican institution in Argentina: the Power of attorney.

In this regard, he considered that “It is not good for democracy, for the people, that judges are the ones who decide on the economic policies of a country” and gave as an example a court ruling that benefited telecommunications companies.

“Today the inflation that we have of 6.3 during this month one sees that telecommunications, the internet, rose 12 points. Do you know why? Because there are judges who said that the regulation should not be applied. Do not think that this does not influence in the lives of Argentines”, he emphasized.

In addition, he referred to recent history when talking about the judicial advance against Lula in 2019, which prohibited him from participating in the elections and led to the advent of the extreme right at the hands of Jair Bolsonaro, and the coup d’état in Bolivia, on which which he said was orchestrated as a result of the constitutional modification proposed by Evo Morales so that judges are democratically elected.


Cristina Kirchner during the act in La Plata.

Cristina Kirchner during the act in La Plata.

monarchical remora

In this regard, the former president stated: “Where there are no judges handpicked, pressured, placed in their posts, the system works.”

The former two-time president also affirmed that in the country there are judges “sitting for life as a monarchical hindrance in a democratic society who decide on the freedom and patrimony” of the people and are “control devices of the popular will”.

The president of the Senate warned that “do not believe that this does not obey and does not influence the daily life of all Argentines, and what to speak of everything that is violence or what we see of women who go to justice 20 times and then They turn up dead and nobody takes care of anything”.

“Nobody takes charge of anything, they are totally sitting there for life like a monarchical hindrance in a democratic society,” he denounced.

And then he questioned: “How can there be people who decide on the freedom and patrimony of Argentines and their charges are eternal? What is democratic and contemporary about this? Nothing.”

“They are hindrances and control devices of the popular will,” he cried.

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