Cristina Fernandez Kirchner in Chaco 20220506

the vice president Cristina Kirchner receives this Friday May 6 the title “Honorary Doctorate” in Chaco and talks about “State, Power and Society: democratic dissatisfaction”, in the midst of strong disputes with the president Alberto Fernandez.

More than 3,000 people gathered inside the auditorium of the Gala hotel and convention center, located on the outskirts of Resistencia to listen to the former president, who is accompanied by the governor of Chaco, Jorge Captainich. However, it is believed that, with people following the event from outside the venue, there would be a total of 10,000 attendees.

The National University of the Austral Chaco (Uncaus) decided “unanimously” to distinguish her for her “significant contribution to the consolidation of an Argentine democratic system during her mandate.”

In relation to the “three mandates” of Kirchnerism, Cristina Kirchner indicated that for her it was “a pride and an honor to be the first woman elected and re-elected as president”, since, since the sanction of the Sáenz Peña Law, “no political space has fulfilled so many consecutive terms”. In this sense, the vice president defined the farewell she received before leaving the Presidency as “the best medal” that he could have received in his life.

For this reason, he celebrated the number of universities that were established throughout the country during Kirchnerism and crudely questioned those who “remain” in the City of Buenos Aires. “How am I going to disbelieve the merits if my old man was a bus driver and I became president”sentenced the vice president.

The capitalism

Regarding her presentation, the former president began her journey by talking about the capitalism, a system that “has become independent of ideology,” as he explained. So he made it clear that USA Y China they have a capitalist system, but under different lines of thought.

“With which this that one has ideas about social justice, that he is left-handed. Please find another argument because that’s over,” she shot back.

In this way, Kirchner highlighted that the “most successful capitalist system is China because similar numbers are not found in history”. In this sense, the vice president reflected: “Capitalism goes where it earns money and where it suits it. It is not a question of ideologies”.

The vice president stated that “inequalities put democracy in crisis” and questioned the system of government institutions, as they date back to 1789 with the French Revolution.

the pandemic

“If we are alive after the pandemic, it is because of the state”launched the vice president in a nod to the national government for the management of the pandemic, despite the strong criticism it received from the different economic sectors.

In that sense, he indicated that “it is not a matter of good guys and bad guys, it is a problem of interests, that is why we should not be afraid of the word interests.” For this reason, he called for assuming that there are conflicting interests in public policies.

Democratic Dissatisfaction

After taking a tour of capitalism, the form of government and the pandemic, Kirchner indicated that all this brought about the “democratic dissatisfactionthe lack of response by national states to the different demands of societies”.

Cristina Fernandez Kirchner in Chaco 20220506

In this way, he argued that “today, there is a great democratic dissatisfaction because a phenomenon is produced that has never happened before, which is that a part of the workers in a dependency relationship are poor.”

This is due to the “concentration of income and a policy of low wages”, explained the vice president. For this, she stated that it is necessary to have “dollars in the Central Bank”, so “if the reservations are missing, some things have to be checked because something is wrong“.

Council of the Judiciary and power

With regard to conflicts over Judicial CouncilKirchner considered that “when someone proposes to expand the Supreme Court to make it more federal, they oppose it because it is making a number”.

Could it be that it is convenient for power that the Court has few members to be able to squeeze them?“, Launched the vice president.

When referring to power, the vice president spoke of “concentrated economic power and media” because today “there is no part of the world that is not associated with the media to create common sense”, according to his statements.

“In Argentina, that media power is more concentrated than in any other part of the planet,” he said.

The intern within the Front of All

Kirchner expressed: “From power and the media, it is suggested that there is a ‘fight’ within the Executive Branch. What is fight? They are hitting each other, I didn’t hit anyone.”

For this reason, the vice president ruled out a crack within the Frente de Todos and sentenced: “What is happening in the Executive Power fight is not”. On the contrary, he stressed that what is happening within the ruling party is a “political debate, a debate of ideas.”

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