Cristina Kirchner heads an act this Thursday at the Diego Maradona stadium in La Plata for Militancy Day (Photo: Frente de Todos).
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Surrounded by militants, with a reinforced security device, and in an “electoral” code, Cristina Kirchner heads a massive act this Thursday at the Único de la Plata Stadium. The eyes remained on the Vice President not only from the Pink House -where they believe that it will feed the operational clamor that promotes their candidacy-, but also those of the Power of attorneyin the midst of the confrontation with the Supreme Court.

“In history you can find the keys to what happened to us and why it happened to us. A first tribute to that Peronism to which many now want to tell what freedom and democracy are. Let no one come to explain to us Peronists what democracy and freedom are to be able to choose and give an opinion”, said Cristina Kirchner.

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From the beginning of his speech, he referred to the attack he suffered in front of his house in Recoleta. “Last September 1st democratic coexistence broke, the pact to respect life. It is the obligation of all the political forces in Argentina to reconstruct that democratic agreement separating the violent and the language of hate and whoever wants the other to die because they think differently”, he affirmed and again targeted PRO deputy Gerardo Milman.

“President, Cristina president”, militants and leaders sang again. “Everything in its measure and harmoniously, as the general used to say”, she replied on stage. The Vice, today in charge of the Executive Power due to the trip of Alberto Fernández, for now does not define her candidacy but already warns that she will play strong in the internal for next year’s elections.

Without Cristina there is Peronism, surely divided, confronted, innocuous and neutralized for any process of change. It is the same old project, the disappearance of Peronism. Peronism always ends up being reincarnated, and what seemed dead and buried is not. Why don’t they try to sit down and talk with Peronism sometime to see what model of Argentina we want, ”he also maintained.

Hours before the arrival of the ex-president, in a festive atmosphere and to the rhythm of the music from the loudspeakers, thousands of militants of the different K groups, mayors and legislators from Buenos Aires, deputies and senators, provincial, national and referent ministers of social, union and PJ organizations.

The event has a campaign slogan: “The strength of hope”. In the previous one he played Rolando’s Mancha, who arrived accompanied by Amado Boudou. In the gallery, the main references of La Cámpora danced, including Máximo Kirchner.

Cristina Kirchner heads an act this Thursday at the Diego Maradona stadium in La Plata for Militancy Day (Photo: Frente de Todos).

While Christianity daily pressures the President to abandon his intentions to run for re-election, the Vice President warned, in her own way, that the electoral future of the Frente de Todos will depend on it.

Despite the expectation (and some fear) generated by his speech at the Casa Rosada, at the ceremony this Thursday in La Plata for Militancy Day there would also be a place to give some signs of internal distension and calls for “agreements”.

This Wednesday, the leader of La Cámpora, Máximo Kirchner, met with Emilio Pérsico, leader of the Evita Movement, who decided to send a delegation to the event this Thursday. In her last public appearances, the Vice President had harshly criticized the social organization, one of Alberto Fernández’s supporters.

Outside the inmate, Cristina Kirchner’s act comes at a time of Maximum tension between Kirchnerism and the Judiciary. On the one hand, the ruling party of the Senate made a new move to keep an extra member in the Council of the Magistracy, despite the recent ruling of the Supreme Court.

"The strength of hope"the motto of Cristina Kirchner's event at the Estadio Único de La Plata (Photo: FdT).
“The strength of hope”, the motto of Cristina Kirchner’s act at the Estadio Único de La Plata (Photo: FdT).

The Vice President also sees the sentence in the oral trial against him for the alleged directing of funds from the public works of Santa Cruz in favor of the businessman Lázaro Báez. In your enviroment discount which will be a sentence.

To this are added his recent Criticism against Judge María Eugenia Capuchetti, who is in charge of the investigation of the attack he suffered in front of his house in Recoleta at the beginning of September. The Vice President affirmed that the magistrate committed “serious irregularities” and accuses her of not investigating the alleged masterminds of the attack.

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