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Criticized by pension, Eduardo Leite gives up the benefit in RS

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Criticized by opponents for receiving a pension for former governors, Eduardo Leite (PSDB) announced this Monday that will give up of the benefit.

The subsidy was questioned in court by state deputies from Young in Rio Grande do Sul, who claimed that the law passed in 2021 in the state – therefore, before the toucan’s resignation -, revoked the right payments, made for life to former governors.

In a video posted on his networks, Leite attributed the offensive to “desperate opponents” and declared that, even though receiving the subsidy was “legal, ethical and transparent”, it chose not to be a beneficiary so as not to lose the “focus of the debate”. After months of rehearsal to launch Presidency by the PSDB, the former governor decided that he will run again for the Rio Grande do Sul Executive.

“Guys, it started early, right? I didn’t even introduce myself as pre-candidate the governor and desperate opponents have already started with attacks, with untruths, with fake news. It’s an old movie that we already know from politics, of which I was also a victim there in 2018, unfounded attacks”, said Leite.

The popular action presented by Novo last Wednesday has as its lawyer the party pre-candidate to the government of Rio Grande do Sul, Ricardo Jobim. Two days later, Judge Fernando Carlos Tomasi Diniz acknowledged that the subtitle’s arguments were “ponderable” and gave the State Attorney General’s Office 48 hours to comment on the case.

In this Monday’s recording, Leite defended himself by saying that the 2021 law that extinguished the lifetime pension to former governors – from the date of sanction -, also determined that the former presidents would have the right to receive the subsidy for four years after the end of the term, in proportion to the time in office.

As the rule was approved last year and the toucan stayed from January 2019 until March this year in charge of Palácio Piratini, the calculation was that he would be entitled to 65% of the benefitas per the opinion of State Attorney General.

The total of approx. 39,900 reais of pension already received is composed of the two-month salary, with a payment of 19,600 reais, in May, and another installment retroactive to the month of April.

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