Cromañón: survivors and relatives of victims reiterated the claim for the expropriation of the bowling alley


Belkis continuedsurvivor and member of the Cro-Magnon Movement, stated that the initiative for the building of Bartholomew Miter at 3000 be a memory space “He had the support of the majority of the opposition, but we are still waiting for a response from the ruling party”.

For its part, Silvia Bignamimom of Julian Rosengardtwho died at the age of 18 in Cromañón, maintained that “Memory is part of justice, so what’s the use of those responsible going to jail if we can’t reflect on the facts”. And that is how he demanded that the Buenos Aires State advance “with remedial instances” and allow expropriation.


The project, meanwhile, received the support of the Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, Horacio Pietragalla Cortiwho expressed his support through a note sent to the Legislative Commission of Buenos Aires: “The Secretariat expresses its accompaniment to the proposal of relatives and survivors of Cromañón which proposes the creation of a space for memory and promotion of human rights in the Bartolomé Miter building at 3000”.

And he added that “Said project constitutes a significant instance of reparation for the victims, as well as a contribution to the collective construction of memory.which invites reflection and dialogue about our recent past and calls for joint work between the State and civil society”.

Meanwhile, the legislator Montenegro promised to work for the sanction of the project, understanding that in the place where Cromañón worked “Nothing can work that is not a space of memory and consciousness”. However, approval of the proposal will demand the vote of the bloc of the Buenos Aires ruling party that responds to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta since the opposing arch does not gather the necessary amount of raised hands for the sanction.


The December 30, 2004and during the mandate as head of the Buenos Aires Government of Hannibal Ibarra, 194 people died and more than 1,500 were injured when they were trapped in the República Cromañón bowling alleywhose manager –Omar Chaban– allowed the entry of concurrent well above what is allowed for the recital of the band Callejeros.

Shortly after the concert began, the action of a flare set fire to a half shadow located on the roof of the premises and generated a toxic smoke that was sucked in by the thousands of young people who were inside and who could not get out in time since the emergency exits of the premises were closed with padlocks.

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