Cuba: 4 young people convicted of the historic 2021 protests are released

Four young people under the age of 20 who had been sentenced in Cuba For their participation in the historic protests of July 11, they were released independently, opposition sources confirmed this Saturday.

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The youths are: Marcos Alfonso Breto (19 years old, sentenced to 9 years); Yensy Machado González (18 years old, sentenced to 7); Frank Daniel Roy (19 years sentenced to 9); Emiyoslan Roman Rodríguez (18 years old, sentenced to 7 years), according to the NGO Cubalex, based in the United States.

A publication by Cubalex on its Twitter network account states that the young people, residents of the La Güinera neighborhood in Havana, were released “as of cassation”, a legal appeal presented by the defense aimed at annulling the sentence.

In the Güinera and the corner of Toyo, both in the Cuban capital, the strongest clashes between demonstrators, police and sympathizers of the communist government were registered.

“But they were not released, they have changes in measures” since one has house arrest and the others work correctional, activist Martha Beatriz Roque told AFP.

On July 11 and 12 of last year, the largest anti-government demonstrations in 60 years took place, when thousands took to the streets in fifty towns and cities on the island.

The protests left a toll of one dead, dozens injured and 1,395 detainees, of which 728 are still in prison, according to the latest count by Cubalex.

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