“Cuba distorts the data”: Prisoners Defenders condemns disinformation from the Attorney General’s Office

MIAMI, United States. – The non-governmental organization Prisoners Defenders accused the Cuban Attorney General’s Office (FGR) of “hiding the truth” regarding the number of people convicted for their participation in the historic demonstrations of July 11 and 12, 2021 ( 11J).

“Cuba distorts the data”, tweeted Prisoners Defenders, after the FGR published an informative note this Monday about a part of the people convicted after 11J.

“They only mention the cases ‘of 76 sentences’. They don’t even mention the hundreds of 9/11 convicts languishing in prison, sentenced to many years, that they don’t even mention in this story. They hide the truth, they no longer deceive anyone,” said the NGO.

For his part, Javier Larrondo, director of Prisoners Defenders, told CubaNet that the FGR statement was “so biased” that it had become “fake news”.

“It is already suspicious that the Prosecutor’s Office in charge of prosecuting the 11J protesters does not talk about those who are prosecuted and limits its report to 76 sentences that have become firm. That is an absolute limitation. Why don’t they count everything they’re processing? But it is more, it is that they stop prosecuting hundreds of defendants and even hundreds of sentenced people who are already languishing in prison. All this to deceive the press so that it communicates that there are only 381 people sanctioned in Cuba [por el 11J]. And there are more than 1,000 prosecuted and 726 sentenced, “said Larrondo.


Likewise, it indicated that at least 37 minors had been prosecuted and that at least 23 had already been sentenced.

This Monday, the FGR only recognized that 381 people had been sentenced for the historic 11J demonstrations.

However, according to the records of the Justice 11J group and the Cubalex Legal Information Center, so far at least 585 people have been tried in relation to the 11J protests, including 24 minors, and at least 89 more people are awaiting trial. of trial with tax request, including five minors under 18 years of age,

“It would now be necessary for Cuba to provide information on the hundreds of cases and situations of the other dozens of criminal cases in progress, many of them already sentenced,” said Larrondo.

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