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Madrid Spain.- The Cuban state companies in charge of the reception and delivery of international parcels have more than 160,000 packages pending distribution.

According to the Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, on Thursday, at the close of this June 12 there were 160,923 packages to be delivered in Cuba, of which 11.7% were more than 30 days late.

In a meeting with representatives of the Freight Forwarding Agencies (including Correos de Cuba, Aerovaradero, Cubapack and Grupo Palco) Marrero Cruz referred to organizational problems and pointed out that “irresponsibility, lack of sensitivity and non-compliance with what was established by a direction gives consolation to the people; the people need things to arrive when they correspond”.

As shared by the Presidency of Cuba through Facebookthe headline also stated: “The figures may not be alarming as in previous years, but we are talking about families who need these packages to reach their hands.”

Reactions of the Cubans to the declarations of Marrero Cruz

Given the information, the Cubans, who constantly complain about the inefficient service of these agencies, pointed out that as long as the directive does not change and measures are not taken, the same problems will continue.

“As long as the same leaders of these companies are present, the problems will persist. They must be replaced by people who want to work and not make excuses for their inefficient work with the people,” said user Diony Rodríguez Tamayo.

For his part, Albertico Hernández pointed out: “It is not the analysis that leads to the solution of a problem that does not improve” and referred to the measures that are not applied to those who “do their job poorly.”

Internet user Daniel Sarduy González referred to the high prices of these services. And he said, addressing Marrero Cruz: “You are as inefficient as those who run that company.”

Other Cubans like Odalys Pupo Rodríguez denounced the time they have been waiting to receive their shipment.

“I’ve been waiting since January 20 and no sign,” said Pupo Rodríguez.

In October of last year, several Cubans explained to CubaNet the malfunction of the Cubapack agency, far from its slogan “we guarantee your merchandise 100%”.

“I have been waiting for more than seven months for two packages that my daughter sent from the United States: a one-ton split and several household items that I have not received yet. The treatment and misinformation given to clients are unacceptable,” Yadira Sierra, a resident of Mayabeque, told this media outlet.

“I get tired of calling every day and no one answers, they leave the phones off the hook or just ring the bell and no one answers the calls,” he added.

While Yansel González, a resident of Havana, explained that, “since there was no possibility of shipments through private agencies with the well-known mules, Cubapack, which has never provided a good service, collapsed due to the number of packages that I had to process.”

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