Cyriel Dessers announces departure from KRC Genk: "It's time for something new"

© Dick Demey

If there is no unexpected hitch on Sunday, Cyriel Dessers will have played his last game for KRC Genk. The striker said goodbye to the fans after the victory against Eupen (4-2) and announced his imminent departure to Cremonese after the game.

Thomas Standaert, Brett Luijs

“Sunday will be an important day. The clubs will then talk to each other. I can see what it will be, but I still expect it to be D-Day for me,” confirmed Dessers after he had already said goodbye to the Genk spy head.

Dessers did not score when he said goodbye, although he was at the basis of Paintsil’s 2-0 with a great effort. “I am happy that I was able to say goodbye with a victory and that I was able to have a party with the fans. I would have liked to have scored another goal, but hopefully I can do that next week.”

Despite his impending transfer, Dessers decided to still play. “That was a risk I shouldn’t have taken, but I did it anyway for the club, the team and for the coach. I am especially relieved that I have stayed fit. What happened to Tissoudali last week was a little bit in the back of my mind. You may have seen that in my duels, in which I was unconsciously a little less strong.”

© Dick Demey

On Monday, Dessers will in principle fly to Cremonese. “I’m curious, yes. Serie A has always been a dream for me. Ever since the beginning of my career. That dream is now very close. It is also important to me that I don’t go there to be a third striker somewhere, but that I play effectively and get the chance to prove myself in a stronger competition.”

Without accidents, Dessers trades the top of the Jupiler Pro League for the basement of the Serie A. Didn’t he doubt that? “It will be a very different kind of football. I probably won’t play for the title with Cremonese, no (laughs). But this opportunity is now passing and I want to grab it. I am almost 28 years old and feel it is time for something new. In Belgium and the Netherlands I have seen everything and I came second and third. The only thing missing was a title, but I don’t think there was a lot of stretch left. Of course I hope that Genk will win the title, then I still had a small part in that.”

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