Dady Brieva

Daddy Brieva, Thelma Fardin Y Laura Novais it so recording a series in which the humorist has to interpret a teacher accused of sexual abuseand its victim is nothing more and nothing less than the role that the ex ugly duckling.

After the public complaint made by Fardín against Juan Darthés and for which a trial in Brazil Brieva recognized distraught how the abuse scene went that they had to film.

guest on It’s over there (America)the actor acknowledged that the scene “it was very strong”. “I don’t think about when I’m going to do things, I try to do my best but I didn’t think it would affect me so much. They were very hard moments, very strong, that the director handled it very well. That had to happen,” he explained.

Dady Brieva

Regarding the moment he had to film with Thelma, the ex Midachi said that they talked about it before and acknowledged that it was the actress herself who “calmed”

“I do not do well to say it, but in the end she makes a statement to me, which apparently would not have the opportunity to do so with the person who passed, so I fulfilled that place”, pointed out and highlighted the work of his partner: “She is very stupid and I was surprised that she takes it very well.”

On the other hand, regarding how he faced the scene, he said that “It was very strong, very difficult”and that although he did not want to do it, it was his wife, Mariela “La Chipi” Anchipi who convinced him.

“It is good that the man appears in a visible story so that he does not remain in the memory. It would have been easier to do something else”, he added.

How is the trial between Thelma Fardín and Juan Darthén

Earlier this year, news broke that the trial that had started in 2021 had been suspended, since the Superior Court of Brazil decided that there was no jurisdiction to carry it out.

Thelma Fardín presented the new lawyer who joins her team against the complaint against Juan Darthés.

Thelma Fardín presented the new lawyer who joins her team against the complaint against Juan Darthés. (Instagram/soythelmafardin/)

However, months later Thelma Fardín herself was the one who, through the social mediaconfirmed that the judges reversed their decision and the legal process will continue its course without the need for him to testify again.

“The process continues to move forward. Unfortunately, it does not have the times that my body and soul would like, like so many others, who do not give more. But unlike many cases, I have the privilege of being heard in court and so are my witnesses. Although they tried to muddy the field, we remain firm setting a historical precedent”, explained

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