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The Dall-E Mini is a tool that has been known on the internet for some time. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the system creates images from random text and concepts that can be mixed.

Created by Boris Dayma, who is a machine learning engineer, and Pedro Cuenca, a programmer, the site that gives voice to the imagination and materializes thoughts such as “Demogorgon (from Stranger Things) playing basketball”.

The subject has gone viral on social media in recent weeks and specific pages have even been created that show results of user creations. Check out the most bizarre images created by the Dall-E Mini below:

O TecMundo also “played” with the platform. Check out the images in the gallery below:

How does the DALL-E Mini work?

Boris Dayma defines the DALL-E Mini as an AI model that uses “millions of images from the internet and their associated captions”. The system is based on this large database to represent already known figures and also to imagine what combinations that have never been represented visually would look like.

The tool, which is free and is still evolving and developing, is based on solutions proposed by OpenAI, a non-profit institution that operates research in AI around the world.

Despite looking quite interesting, the Dall-E Mini has several limitations. The first can be considered the time to generate images, since some results take a few minutes to appear. Platform traffic is another limiting factor, as it is very common for users to encounter an error message when trying to play any prank on the page.

DALL-E MiniError message on DALL-E Mini

In addition, the system has very important biases. The creators point out that “while the capabilities of imaging models are impressive, they can also reinforce or exacerbate societal biases.”

On this issue, Dayma and Cuenca explain that the model was trained with unfiltered data that is spread over the internet and that, therefore, images that contain stereotypes against minorities can be generated.

Experts say they are working to analyze the nature of these Dall-E Mini limitations and biases and will document the result once they have concrete answers.

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