Nora Dalmasso.

nora damasso

The widower Macarrón is accused of the crime of “Homicide qualified by the link, by treachery and by price or remuneration promise in ideal competition”which contemplates the penalty of life imprisonment.

The piece of prosecutor’s accusation brought to trial maintains that, presumably a few months before November 25, 2006, Macarrón, “in a criminal agreement with people not yet identified by the investigation, instigated the crime of his wife due to marital disagreements”.

While the defendant was in the city of east end participating in a golf tournament, between 8:00 p.m. on November 24, 2006 and 3:15 a.m. on the 25th, at least one person entered Nora’s housein the Villa Golf neighborhood of the city of Río Cuarto, describes the accusation.

Marcelo Macarrón.jpg

Marcelo Macarrón.


The murderer, “taking advantage of the helplessness of the victimwaited for her to perform her pre-break routine and approached Nora Dalmasso once she was asleep in her daughter’s roomlocated on the top floor of the house.

In these circumstances, and “fulfilling the previously agreed criminal plan with Macarrón and his minions, he took her by the neck, exerting strong pressure with his hands, thus annulling any possibility of defense“. Next, “he used the towel belt of the bathrobe that was in the room, making a tight double tie around the neck, causing the death by suffocation“.

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