Dangerous: images show how fleeing driver starts wrong driving on E314 during police pursuit
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Near the Herderstraat in Maasmechelen, a wrong-way driver was pulled over around midnight on Wednesday who had performed life-threatening feats on the E314 just before. The driver – who was being chased by the Dutch police – was handcuffed.

Mireille Maes

The chase started on Wednesday around 11 p.m. in the Netherlands. The driver raced towards the Belgian border via the motorway and against traffic. Images of his antics were shot by oncoming traffic. Teams from various police services were called to stop the driver. In Maasmechelen he left the E314 motorway and was pulled over by a team of the Lanaken/Maasmechelen police. What possessed the man and why he fled from an inspection has not yet been disclosed.

An official report will be drawn up of his violations in any case.

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