Dani La Chepi.  (instagram)

Dani La Chepi shares his day to day with his millions of followers on Instagram. From his funny videos, to his love relationships and the problems he is going through. In the last hours, He commented that he will have to undergo an operation and gave details of it.

Dani La Chepi. (instagram)

Like all years, the actress underwent several check-ups, among these the gynecological. Upon receiving the results of the mammogram, the doctor told you that you have microcalcificationssmall deposits of salts that are too small, but that If left untreated, they can lead to breast cancer.

“They couldn’t puncture me because my lola is very small and because these microcalcifications are very close to the nipple. And, if the needle goes in to take the sample, they could make a mess of me. They sent me to a mastologist and this specialist sends me directly to the operating room”, he indicated.

And he explained how the intervention will be: “They will take a sample from me– not everything because, if not, they leave me without lola- and they send it to analyze. So then wait. And this just happens in the last weeks of rehearsal, as always”.

Chepi emphasized how important it is to take care of your health and not worry about other things. “With everything that has happened to me this year, including the death of my dad, I understood that there is no more time to postpone things”, he concluded.

Why Dani La Chepi underwent an operation in March

In mid-March of this year, Dani La Chepi was admitted to the Olivos Clinic as an emergency, where She underwent surgery for kidney stones.

The photos of Dani La Chepi in the hospital.

The photos of Dani La Chepi in the hospital.

With the humor that characterizes her, the driver spoke with Karina Iavícoli to “Show Partners” (The thirteen) and told him how the operation went.

“I had surgery yesterday. They removed a piece of Caminito more or less from my kidney. I’m waiting for the doctor to come. I already had kidney problems, but this happened quickly and all together, “she said at the time.

The photos of Dani La Chepi in the hospital.

The photos of Dani La Chepi in the hospital.

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