Terrorism against children

Now that the recall is dead and buried, comes the biggest challenge for the mayor of Medellín. What awaits him and how will he face it?

After 20 months of political activism to recall Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle, the plenary chamber of the National Electoral Council refrained from certifying the financial statements presented by the Committee to Promote the Recall and after a 7-2 vote, the CNE announced to the opinion public that he would file charges against the members of the mentioned committee for what apparently could be irregularities.

It should be noted that while the Democratic Center rejected the CNE’s decision and announced its support for the Committee with judicial and legal actions, Mayor Quintero Calle invited the opposition to leave the political quarrels behind, making a call to join efforts to work for the future. of Medellin, as it should be.

And it is that figures support the management of Mayor Quintero Calle in managing public finances, social investment, economic reactivation, employment and security.

In 2021 Medellín had revenues of $7.1 billion – the highest figure since records have been recorded – and a budget execution of $6.6 billion. In other words, for every ten pesos that enter the Municipality, eight go to social investment.

In this way, the #MedellínFuturo of Quintero Calle is ratified as the best capital in managing its finances, accredited by the Fiscal Performance Index (IDF) of the National Planning Department.

Regarding alleged corruption, the Transparency Secretariat of the Vice Presidency of the Republic certified Medellín with the best anti-corruption index among the country’s capitals, giving the mayor’s detractors a denial.

This transparent and efficient management of resources has allowed the Administration of Quintero Calle to advance in works such as the Metro de la 80 and the modernization of public lighting, and in social programs such as Medellín Me Cuida, Matrícula Cero and the One Child+ strategy. A computer, among others.

Regarding economic reactivation, by January 2022, 250,000 jobs lost due to the pandemic had been recovered in Medellín and in March the figure was 423,000, reaching an unemployment rate lower than in 2019 and, for the first time since 1995, lower than the national average rate. In turn, the city has the lowest homicide rate in the last 40 years. Medellín is doing well, but a greater challenge awaits Daniel Quintero and it is double.

Now the mayor of Medellín has the moral commitment to end his administration in style and the first thing to do is to launch Hidroituango, his main campaign banner for Mayor in 2019.

The second is to deliver a changed image of Medellín, which manages to reduce the indicators of multidimensional poverty and food insecurity; continue to reduce homicide and robbery rates; achieve an important foreign investment for the city and continue delivering more works that generate remembrance in the people, so that tomorrow he will be a presidential candidate with all of the law.

And to the anger and pain of his detractors, Mayor Daniel Quintero Calle is succeeding.

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