Martín Guzmán and Miguel Pesce met with Daniel Scioli to define the first measures of the new economic cabinet.  (Photo: Ministry of Economy)

President Alberto Fernandez it will take oath this wednesday to Daniel Scioli as Minister of Productive Development at the Casa Rosada Bicentennial Museum after the surprising departure of Matías Kulfas from that portfolio.

The former ambassador arrives at the Cabinet with a moderate profile, at a time when the crossings on both sides of the internal Front of All try to ease. In this sense, the President sent a message: “we need unitythe maximum effort of each and we need not to lose all the good we have done so far”.

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In his speech, Alberto Fernández highlighted the work of Matias Kulfas during the period he was in the Ministry. He also thanked Cristina Caamaño and welcomed Agustín Rossi to AFI.

For his part, when he swore in Daniel Scioli, he said: “When I called you, you were One more time. Although we were not always on the same side, friendship always united us. Thank you for taking charge at this time.”

An agenda with many challenges

The new Minister of Productive Development, Daniel Scioli, thanked the President for “place your trust based on my experience at the head of this ministry” and anticipated that “the new schedule time development”.

“In recent days we have worked on planning, taking all the progress that has been made in this area and projecting for the future with a profound federal sense. they know that I am a developer, productivist and I am going to seek, as the President instructed me, to enhance all the possibilities that exist,” he said, adding: “I have a lot of experience, I know all the actors in the sector.”

“Am confident to do a good job and help right now without any political speculation. If I had thought of some kind of speculation or next year, I would have stayed in Brazil without a doubt, because we had an agenda there,” he remarked.

Meeting with Guzmán before assuming

The Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmanand the head of the Central Bank (BCRA), Miguel Pescethey received it on Tuesday for begin to refine the pencil and rush definitions.

Beyond the internal one within the ruling coalition, Scioli faces a management in which he will have to mediate between the needs of the Treasury Palace to meet the goals of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without aggravating the crisis and the pressures of the business sector .

Martín Guzmán and Miguel Pesce met with Daniel Scioli to define the first measures of the new economic cabinet (Photo: Ministry of Economy)

In this sense, since he arrived in the country, he had conversations with William Merediz, the Secretary of Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs, for credit lines for the sector; just as you will meet Edward Heckerdirector of the National Bank.

will work in the regional economies together with the governors, with the idea of ​​increasing exports; and will seek to attract investment, especially in regard to lithium, potassium and green energy.

These investments will not only be sought in Brazil, Argentina’s main trading partner, beyond the fact that President Jair Bolsonaro offered to “continue working as before” and “maintain the link.”

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In addition, they assure that in their agenda there will be room for science and technology, education, tourism, work and social development.


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