Former President Danilo Medina heads a meeting of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) this Tuesday, in which, according to a press release from that organization, issues of its internal processes will be addressed.

The meeting is being held on the outskirts of the capital to broadly address the issues concerning party reorganization and the consultation for the choice of who will head the PLD presidential ticket, reported the PLD.

In recent days, some photographs emerged on social networks showing a meeting between several leaders of the opposition party and former President Hipólito Mejía.

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After that meeting in which Francisco Javier García, Monchi Fadul, Rubén Paulino Sem and Víctor Manuel Fadul participated, it was rumored that issues concerning constitutional reform were discussed at that meeting, which was denied by Danilo Díaz, a member of the Political Committee of the PLDwho ruled out any rapprochement with the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the purple party.

In addition to being headed by Medina, in his capacity as president of the PLDattended by the general secretary of the party, Charles Mariotti, and its vice presidents, Temístocles Montás and Juan Ariel Jiménez.

Also present at the meeting are the candidates for the presidential candidacy, with whom the details of the consultation process scheduled to take place on October 16 of the current year are fine-tuned.

In the implementation of the organizational and electoral line, the PLD completes a third phase that includes the multiplication of intermediate committees and the election of the directors of intermediate committees, municipal district committees, and municipal and provincial committees.

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