days of agony

To the absurd slowness of the government of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro to begin the search for the Brazilian indigenist Bruno Pereira and the British journalist Dom Phillips, there is now the overwhelming delay in confirming the identity of two bodies found in the region of their disappearance. The two disappeared or were disappeared on Sunday, June 5. Eight days passed without clarifying anything.

These are days of tension for those who accompany the tragedy and endless agony for the relatives of the two. It is known that on Sunday she was found, tied to a submerged tree, a backpack with Pereira’s belongings. Phillips’ backpack, clothing and a pair of boots were also found. There is confirmation from the Federal Police indicating that blood marks were detected on the boat of the main suspect, Amarildo Oliveira. Now it is also reported that viscera were found in the water.

How long does it take to know if it’s from human blood or from some other animal? And to identify blood marks with the DNA of relatives of the victims? How long does it take to conclude if the viscera were from humans? The viscera have been under “rigorous analysis” by “specialists” from the Federal Police since Thursday.

Yesterday it was officially reported that two bodies were found, but the identity of the victims is not known.

Relatives of Dom Phillips were notified by the Brazilian embassy in London of the discovery of the bodies. In Brazil, the wife of Bruno Pereira demanded explanations from the Federal Police, without obtaining any other response than a general and empty statement.

Yesterday, the far-right president Jair Bolsonaro referred to the two disappeared, whom he had previously classified as “adventurers.” He said there are “indications” that Phillips and Pereira have suffered “some evil.” He also stated that it will be “very difficult to find them alive”. In passing, he criticized Luis Roberto Barroso, a member of the Federal Supreme Court who imposed a five-day deadline for the authorities involved in the case to present a report “with all the measures adopted and the information obtained.” Bolsonaro argued that there are thousands and thousands of disappeared in Brazil, but that Barroso only cares “with those two.”

The far-rightist is right: there are thousands of disappeared people in the country, but two, and only two, disappeared in an area of ​​supposed protection for indigenous people taken over by criminals strongly incentivized by the government of the most abject president in Brazilian history.

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