Debanhi Escobar: man denies being 'El Jaguar' and asks to be released from the case

In case of Debanhi Escobarwho disappeared and was found dead in Nuevo León, Mexico, remains unsolved by the authorities. The disappearance occurred on April 9 and the young woman was found dead inside a motel cistern 13 days later, according to official information.

A few days ago, and in relation to the subject, the term began to circulate on social networks ‘El Jaguar’, which would be the nickname of a man who would allegedly be involved in the event. The novelty came from an alleged conversation between the teenager’s friends and in which they would have mentioned it.

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However, the man allegedly linked to that alias, identified as Gustavo Isidoro Soto Miranda, broke the silence through a post he shared on his TikTok account, in which he denied having that nickname.

”They don’t call me El Jaguar. They relate me in the case of Debanhi Escobar. Help me share this video”, expressed the young man. In less than four days, the filming exceeded one million views.

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He also stated that he was nicknamed ‘El King Kong’, and shared other videos with which he tried to show that on April 9 at dawn, the day of Escobar’s disappearance, he was not even in Mexico but in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States.

“I don’t know how to prove that I wasn’t. I was in Corpus Christi on the jet skis that day. I don’t hide from anyone. Yes, I am afraid to say where I am, but here, in Texas, weapons are legal and I bring something to defend myself with, ”said the young man during a live broadcast he made on TikTok, according to Univisión.

He then added that he feared for the safety of his wife, who reported that he was in Mexico and had received threats.

In that sense, in another video that went viral, he was seen breaking down in tears when describing the negative consequences that brought him being related to the case of Debanhi’s death. “They destroyed my life, my dignity and my economy. I lost contracts and friendships. All for unscrupulous people and to earn a few likes”, he expressed.

Soto was referring to Fabián Pasos, a youtuber known as Mafian TV, who has become a trend in recent days after publishing a set of videos about Escobar’s case and events prior to his death.

In fact, the man interviewed Mario Escobar, the young woman’s father, who assures that his daughter’s death was not an accident. Several of the publications that he has in his account in relation to the subject exceeded one million reproductions, and in one of them, he associated an image of a man with the nickname “El Jaguar”.

Regarding the situation, Pasos said that he did not reveal an uncensored photograph of the man’s face. In fact, in the video it is seen that the eyes of the person who appears in the image are covered by a red line.

The youtuber blamed social networks for having viralized photos of the man and defended himself against the accusations. “You have to make it clear to this individual that this image was already viral before we mentioned it. The one who gave ‘El Jaguar’ his first and last name was him doing a live show,” says Pasos.

He also criticizes Soto’s actions. For Fabián, if the man did not want to make himself known, he would not have given his social networks and would not have asked people to follow him.. “That’s where we see that there is also an interest involved,” she declares.

In addition to being a youtuber, Pasos has worked as a journalist. He was a reporter for TV Azteca and is currently a columnist for the newspaper ‘Basta!’, according to El Universal de México. On its YouTube channel, Mafian TV has 1.6 million followers and produces content characterized by “acidic” criticism, pursues exclusive interviews, and presents topics of social interest without censorship, as was the case of the death of actor Octavio. Cane.

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