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Declaration of love to the kids: “Old device” Tanja Szewczenko can’t get enough of everyday mom life

Biting: Tanja Szewczenko's (44) sons explore the world.  Mama is also kept company during sports.

Tanja Szewczenko (44) is the happy mother of three children. She enjoys the turbulent time more than anything else, as she revealed in a recent post.

Cologne – was a year ago Tanya Szewczenko (44) once more mom. Back then, she surprised Mother Nature with twins – twice the happiness after many nerve-wracking years. For Tanja, it’s a dream come true, as she reveals in a recent Instagram post.

Biting: Tanja Szewczenko’s (44) sons explore the world. Mama is also kept company during sports. © Screenshot/Instagram/tanjaszewczenko

The former actress became the mother of her first daughter Jona eleven years ago. After that, however, getting pregnant was no longer possible.

Tanja went through a number of therapies, had herself artificially inseminated three times, but kept losing the children. These were traumatic experiences that only faded into the background after the long-awaited birth of Luis and Leo.

The two brothers are now taking an increasingly active part in life, are able to walk and enrich the everyday life of the family.

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“This lightness carries me, makes the short nights a feast for me and makes me smile when the porridge lands on the floor,” Tanja began her declaration of love at the weekend. In addition, she posted a photo of herself and her sons, which was taken during a photo shoot for her book cover.

“And no, by the way, they don’t sleep through the night yet. We can’t always put them to sleep on time either. They soak themselves when they’ve just had a bath and fill their diapers when they’ve just been changed,” Tanja described sometimes imperfect everyday life.

Meanwhile, the two one-year-old twins are busy running around. © Screenshot/Instagram/tanjaszewczenko

For many fans, this could now sound like pure stress. But not for Tanya. She lets her fingers be stuck up her nose with love, cleans the windows splattered with children’s hands several times and dries tears when her sons fall.

“So often people say: ‘It gets better’! Better? Is it bad when our children are children? That’s what we wanted!!!”, Tanja warns her followers.

This sentence at the latest shows how much the former “Everything that counts” actress enjoys her mom’s existence. “It’s a gift to be able to watch the little ones grow up and see the world through their eyes!” says Tanja.

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Many fans felt with the influencer and shared their own experiences with the community. “Such beautiful words, my son moved out four weeks ago and I miss him very much! Enjoy this good time,” commented a follower.

“I don’t even want to think about that. That’s definitely a blatant section! Feel depressed,” Tanja answered understandingly. Fortunately, many years will pass before their offspring move out!

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