One of the images declassified by the Pentagon shows an Unidentified Flying Object.

The existence of life beyond our planet is one of the biggest unknowns that the human race in general possesses. There have been many attempts to prove or disprove that we are not alone in the universe, but none have been successful.

After the US Department of Defense declassified material that could show UFOs (UFOs) In images spanning several decades, the renowned British astronaut Tim Peake He gave his opinions on it.

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The British cosmonaut expressed that “I don’t think it is a development of any nation and non-state organization at all. It’s quite noticeable when you watch the video. PIt seems extraordinary what these machines are capable of doing.”

Since 2014, more than 400 flying objects of unknown origin have been identified, according to US authorities. Peake added that “I heard a theory where a pilot was talking that in the future they developed time travel. Is it something that came back from the future?

Initiatives to solve the mystery

For its part, the POT formed a team of researchers that will specialize in examining these unidentified aerial phenomena. ANDThis makes us think that the US government is not taking this issue lightly.

Daniel Evans, Principal Investigator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, said: “A team of scientists is scheduled to come together before the fall, and then spend a few nine months to prepare a public report on its conclusions”

One of the images declassified by the Pentagon shows an Unidentified Flying Object.

If these mysterious flying phenomena are explainable within our earth or if we are dealing with extraterrestrial entities, we still do not know for sure, but the space agencies will surely do everything possible to solve this eternal mystery.

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