Cepol's headquarters in Campo Grande.  (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

Identified as João Ferreira de Sousa Filho, the man had not been seen since last Saturday (7)

Cepol’s headquarters in Campo Grande. (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

Campo Grande Police investigate the case of a man found dead in the back of the neighboring house, in a shallow ditch, on the side of BR-163, in the district of Anhanduí, this Monday (9).

João Ferreira de Sousa Filho, 49, was last seen on Saturday (7). Witnesses reported that, at the time, he was walking down the street looking downcast, as if he was sick, and that he was using alcohol.

Owner of the property where the body was found, Kleber Areco, 66, claimed that no one lives there and that he found João when he was cleaning the land on Monday.

The expertise was called and the body was taken by Pax Pró Vida to Imol (Institute of Forensic Medicine and Dentistry), where the cause of death must be identified.

According to the incident report, no apparent injuries were found and the body was already in a state of decomposition when located.

The case was registered at Depac Cepol (Specialized Integrated Police Center) as a death to be clarified and will be investigated by the Civil Police of Campo Grande.

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