Defense bought two Sea King helicopters for the Navy
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“They are a modernized acquisition that puts us back in the first line of equipment and that we receive with great satisfaction,” said the minister in the framework of the act that took place in the second helicopter squadron located at the Comandante naval air base. Spore of that city in the south of Buenos Aires.

The presentation ceremony of the two helicopters Sea King SH-3H It was also attended by the head of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Martín Paleo; the head of the Air Force, Brigadier Xavier Isaac; the head of the Navy, Admiral Julio Horacio Guardia; and from the Army, Major General Guillermo Pereda, among other officials and special guests.

During his address, the national official stated that “today is a holiday” because “we are formally incorporating these two Sea Kings”.

“It is an incorporation that has several meanings,” said Taiana, indicating that first, “it shows in vision, in practice, the result that Fondef is having, aimed at the recovery, modernization, and acquisition of weapons, taking into account first the characteristics of the national industry”.

“This is a concrete fact based on Fondef, secondly it is an example of the priority given to Antarctic work,” added the minister, noting that much of the helicopter work “is linked to the Antarctic campaign and the use and its capacity in relation to the icebreaker Almirante Irizar”.

Taiana said that “In effect, Argentina strengthens its Antarctic campaign, it strengthens its gaze to the south and for this reason we are also interested in the search and rescue tasks carried out by these Sea Kings.”

“They are two medium helicopters, they are a modernized acquisition that puts us back in the first line of the equipment and that we receive with great satisfaction,” he said.


The minister added that “with this we take a step forward, we incorporate an important technical element, we give more mobility, we better develop our task of control also of our Atlantic and Antarctic Argentina and with this we can feel the satisfaction that before the end of the year We’ve incorporated these elements.”

Aircraft destined for the Second Naval Air Helicopter Squadron They will contribute to providing security to its own personnel on board, in situations that require a medical evacuation from the sea to the coast, and later to land-based medical care centers, sources from the Ministry of Defense reported.

Likewise, they will serve to respond to their own training needs, those of the Marine Infantry and the Sea Fleet.

After the act, the minister traveled in one of the brand new helicopters to the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, near Punta Alta, where together with the entourage that accompanied him, he visited the workshop where the recently acquired new RBS70 anti-aircraft missile is located. by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the three forces.

The system, manufactured and marketed by SAAB, in Sweden, allows progress in the capacity restoration processes under certain parameters of standardization and homogenization of equipment common to the operational needs of the Army, Navy and Air Force, ensuring certain interoperability parameters. joint previously set.

Helicopter Sea King SH-3H 2.jpg

After his stay at the Naval base of Port Belgrano, The minister traveled to Bahía Blanca, where he toured the facilities of the Army’s Third Division, located in the Villa Floresta neighborhood.

He also visited the last residential building executed by Coviara (development company belonging to the Ministry of Defense) at Vieytes 470, in the center of the city of Bahía Blanca.

This is Coviara 89, an 11-story development and 42 units with 1, 2 and 3 rooms, intended mainly for the Armed Forces, the Argentine Naval Prefecture and Ministry of Defense personnel and are suitable for credits from the Institute of Financial Aid (IAF) for military personnel, active or retired.

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