The special session that will seek to approve the zero alcohol driving law 20221124 began in the Chamber of Deputies
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With the enthusiastic support of the venue’s boxes filled with representatives of organizations linked to road safety, the Chamber of Deputies approved This Thursday, November 24, by a large majority, the Zero Alcohol behind the wheel bill.

The initiative that prohibits the driving of vehicles to people who have a blood alcohol level greater than zero – an obligation that according to current regulations falls only on professional drivers – was approved with 193 votes affirmed, 19 negative and four abstentions.

After at the beginning of the special session -started minutes before noon- the deputy of La Libertad Avanza José Luis Espert tarnished the tribute to Hebe de Bonafini, with furious criticism of the recently deceased former head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association , the draft law was unanimously voted Sign Language used for the linguistic comprehension of deaf people.

9 out of 10 drivers approve of “zero alcohol” driving

The debate on the Zero Alcohol project began, which had the transversal support of all the benches, in addition to the Government and civil associations such as Madres del Dolor.

The current regulation authorizes up to 0.5 grams of alcohol per liter of blood for car drivers and 0.2 grams in the case of motorcyclists..

The goal of the initiative resisted by the wine industry and gastronomic sectors because of the possible negative impact on your sales, it is reduce deaths in traffic accidents, the first cause in adolescents.

The Chamber of Deputies. PHOTO: NA

What the representatives of the zero alcohol driving law said

The Chairman of the Transport Committee, Jorge “Colo” Rizzoti (UCR), stressed that the initiative “attempts to achieve a cultural changeintends to fight against road violence and set up a practice of awareness and responsibility”.

For her part, the deputy of PRO Maria Lujan Rey He stressed that “this law equalizes the responsibility of drivers, prioritizing safety.”

“The good that we want to protect is neither more nor less than the good of life,” added the macrista, mother of Lucas Menghinifatal victim of the so-called Once Massacre.

For the ruling party, Daniel Arroyoindicated: “I understand that the issue of road accidents goes far beyond the problem of alcohol consumption, which has other dimensions, but here we are doing something clear, saying zero alcohol at the wheel.”

Zero tolerance to alcohol: Coviar takes a position and calls for more control but not a ban

The former Minister of Transport and deputy of the Federal interblock Florencio Randazzo (Bonaerense Identity) said that those who promote the zero alcohol law have “a single interest” which is to “defend life.”

The deputy of the Front of All Eduardo Toniolli He came to the crossroads of criticism and clarified that it is not “a dry law”, but simply a regulation that “promotes the dissociation between driving vehicles and drinking alcohol”.

He also dismissed the argument that such a major measure would lead to an uncontrollable abundance of false positives. “It is not consistent with something that is happening in the different districts where it is being applied,” he explained. .

It is not 0.2 or 0.1 (grams per liter of blood). This is Zero Alcohol because we want to eliminate speculation. The one who drinks does not have to drive and the one who drives does not have to see“said the man from Santa Fe, amid applause from the venue.

The special session that will seek to approve the zero alcohol driving law 20221124 began in the Chamber of Deputies
The president of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau. PHOTO: NA

Road accidents are the main cause of youth deaths in Argentina

As he expressed, “the main cause of deaths of young people in Argentina are road accidents.” He further noted that “the alcohol is present in one in four road accidents that occur in Argentina“.

The member of the Evita Movement specified that according to scientific evidence, “with a graduation of between 0.1 and 0.5 the risk of suffering a traffic accident is three times higher than being sober.”

In turn, Toniolli pointed out that in the districts where Zero Alcohol regulations are applied “it was possible to lower road accidents and lower deaths“.

The special session that will seek to approve the zero alcohol driving law 20221124 began in the Chamber of Deputies
The celebration in the stands. PHOTO: NA

In closing, the president of the PRO block, Christian Ritondopointed out that “today we are defending life and that means understanding that steering wheel plus alcohol, it’s deathIt’s losing a loved one.”

“It is very difficult to find what is the balance, what is the measure, because one knows that no matter how minimal the consumption begins to turn the car into a weapon“, he stressed.

For the Front of All, Ramiro Gutierrez (one of the authors of the project) pointed out that the Zero Alcohol Law “is a responsible policy based on evidence and that it has a direct purpose, which is to improve road safety in the Argentine Republic.”


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