The legislator of the Front of All, Pablo Carro. 

LIVE SESSION: H. Chamber of Deputies of the Nation – June 15, 2022

The informant member of the project and president of the Communications Commission, the pro-government deputy, Paul Carro, defended the project, pointing out: “What we are discussing here today is how we do to finance and promote our culture and the set of institutions that make up the fabric of our culture.”

“The fact that we are a poor country does not imply that we do not have to invest in culture; I see the term as a very fine technical discussion and with respect to the issue of bureaucracy, the argument is absurd, because every peso that is put multiplies,” he explained.

Pablo Carro.jpeg

The legislator of the Front of All, Pablo Carro.

In addition, he added: “with the money from culture we are not going to pay the International Monetary Fund; just like with the money from the workers, no; with the money from culture, neither.”

Meanwhile, the deputy of Together for Change, Hernan Lombardi, He questioned the fact that the project has not been submitted to the Culture Commission (which he chairs). “This speaks of the economistic concept that (the ruling party) gives to the initiative. They are twists and turns of parliamentary mechanics that we have to improve, in a severe procedural error,” he warned.

In justifying the vote against the PRO, he said that he is “in favor of culture, but against bureaucracies” and questioned the 50-year term by emphasizing that “even several senators from the Frente de Todos have projects stipulating that the tax is until 2030, and they are not considered neoliberal”.

Hernán Lombardi.jpeg

The PRO deputy, Hernán Lombardi. 

The PRO deputy, Hernán Lombardi.

Lombardi also added that “the Audiovisual Services Communication Ombudsman hides behind culture, and cultural elements are not being financed there.” “It is a powerhouse of unique thought, which has served to persecute journalists,” he said.

The organizations reached are the National Institute of Music, the National Commission of Popular Libraries (Conabip), the National Theater Institute (INT), the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Incaa), the National Communications Entity (Enacom) , Radio and Television Argentina (RTA), the Multisectorial for Work, Fiction and the National Audiovisual Industry and the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina.

The session is followed from the boxes by artists, musicians and intellectuals and has the presence of the Minister of Culture, Tristan Bauer.

Tristán Bauer in Deputies.jpeg

Culture Minister Tristán Bauer follows the debate from the venue.

Culture Minister Tristán Bauer follows the debate from the venue.

Taxis, national parks and Malvinas

During the session, the project of the deputy of the Frente de Todos, Mary Brawer, which establishes transitory tax benefits for the acquisition of zero kilometer vehicles of national origin for owners of taxi licenses.

The project grants a refund of an amount equivalent to the amount paid as Value Added Tax and a benefit on what is paid as established in the Internal Tax Law that falls on the unit acquired in cash conditions.

Those who have a current license can be accepted and if they access, they will not be able to sell, donate or transfer said unit for a period of three years.

Another of the initiatives that was included in the agenda of the session seeks to guarantee the “comprehensive training regarding the Malvinas Question for people who work in public office”. Meanwhile, a second project proposes to place the phrase “The Falklands are Argentine” in all state dependencies, within the framework of the 40 years of the war.

It will also seek to approve the initiatives that establish the expansion of the surface of the Pre-Delta National Parkin Entre Ríos, and the projects that give land to the Nation for the creation of the Ansenuza Parks, in Cordoba, and Lobos Islet, in Rio Negro.

Controversy over the plane in Ezeiza

At the beginning of the session, opposition deputies made a request for the regulation to be set aside, headed by the legislators of Together for Change, Mario Negri, Gerardo Milman and Juan Manuel Lopez.

Negri described as “enormous seriousness” what happened with the plane in Ezeiza. “We do not have an answer that clarifies the motives and the links present in the fact,” she said.

Along these lines, the radical deputy demanded the presence of the chancellor, Santiago Cafieroto explain what happened with the plane that transported auto parts and was manned by Venezuelans and Iranians. “This is a strategic definition of the Government’s alliance policy. It is the acid test of its policy of alliances, proven in the link with countries that have little to do with human rights”Black said.

The vote to deal with tables the requests for separation, which require two thirds of the votes, was negative.

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