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Among other issues, the agenda also contemplates an initiative that sets the medical care procedures for the care of women and pregnant people facing the perinatal death.

Another topic that was included in the call is the initiative that recognizes the Argentine Sign Language (LSA) as a natural and native language throughout the territory of the Argentine Nation, recognizing the importance of its preservation and diffusion as part of linguistic and cultural heritage of the communitywhich has been approved by the Senate and if approved will become law.

Also on the agenda is the debate on the Comprehensive Protection Program for People with Congenital Cardiopathy that seeks to incorporate fetal cardiac evaluation as a mandatory routine study for all pregnant women or pregnant people as the first level of detection, as well as its incorporation into the Mandatory Medical Program (PMO).

Likewise, a project promoted by the Ministry of Environment and Human Development to modify the Hazardous Waste Law sanctioned in 1991 and update the values ​​of the fines -currently set in australes- through the creation of a fixed unit that lasts over time and is easy to apply.

Another of the projects that the lower house will seek to debate is the initiative promoted by the national deputy of the FdT for Saint John, Jose Luis Giojato establish that the national holiday of the 17 of Augustday of the passage to immortality of the Father of the Nation, General don Jose de San Martin, not be transferable. In addition, a set of projects were included that establish the free transfer of state real estate to different municipalities of the country.


The lower house had approved in its last session a series of projects agreed between the FdT and the opposition blocs, among which is the creation of a National Registry of Alimony Debtors (Rendam) for those parents who do not comply with the judicial agreements of support of their children and the elimination of the payment of the Income Tax for health personnel.

Within the framework of a session that lasted until midnight, Deputies also endorsed a project that establishes the creation of the Federal Training Plan on the Rights of Girls, Boys, Adolescentswhich bears the name of “Pike”and the one that establishes the elimination of the requirement of periodic renewal of the Unique Certificate of Disability (CUD) for cases of permanent disabilities.



With a minute of silence, the Chamber of Deputies honored Bonafini

The Chamber of Deputies paid tribute to Hebe de Bonafini and made a minute of silence to remember the owner of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Associationdied at 93 years last Sunday.

With photos of the head of the Association of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo on the benches, the tribute was proposed by the deputy of the Frente de Todos (FdT), Monica Macha. “If Hebe knew anything, it was that the fight is not a momentnot an intervention but a choice of life, from pain“said Macha and added:”He taught us to push the limits of what was possible and encouraged us to continue militating. Hebe never shut up”.

After remembering that in 2004 raised the end of the traditional resistance marches, Macha said that Hebe made that decision “because she understood that after the arrival of Néstor, human rights policy was a state policy” and considered that “Hebe’s legacy is immeasurabletaught us not to lower our arms, to military with joy. We fired you but your legacy is immortal“.

From the Workers’ Left Front (FIT), Miriam Bregmanhe recalled Hebe as “a brave woman like few others who stood up to the genocidal machinewhile the union bureaucracies became collaborators and large companies set up clandestine centers on their own properties” and, although he acknowledged that he had differences with the head of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, he highlighted his career and his struggle.

Meanwhile, the Rio Negro Louis Di Giacomo he remembered her as “a symbol who together with mothers and grandmothers knew how to become a representative who crossed our borders and put before the world issues that were unknown here in their own country and others wanted to ignore”.


Hebe de Bonafini.

From space Buenos Aires identity, Alejandro ‘Topo’ Rodriguezsaid that Bonafini “he entered history against his own will” and affirmed that “after his death we do not believe we have the right to take ownership of any of his virtues, nor to outline our differences because at times when he expected silence, she kept alive the search for truth and justice“.

Also, from the ruling party, the FdT deputy, Hugo Yaskyhighlighted that the fight against the dictatorship “began on the street and she was the woman who led that enormous act of courage, of face a dictatorship with no other defense than pain“.

And I add: “Hebe transcends the borders of our country. The white handkerchiefs, the Mothers are an example that transcend the borders of the country and set fire to the popular movement. Thank you for your fight and for leaving a people who know that they will never kneel again before any attempt to silence the voice of the people with acts of violence.”

hebe ensenada.jpg


The most controversial moment was carried out by the national deputy of Advance Freedom, Jose Luis Espertwho although he said that “the death of no human being can be celebrated” and expressed his condolences to Hebe’s relatives, added: “We are here representatives of the people, who said that he was a kind of hero of human rights and we are not going to honor fraud or corruption. We are not going to honor a person who was a true dishonor“.

“Nestor died, Hebe died, another of the dark periods of Argentina marked by theft, lies and poverty is closing. The Nunca Más of arrogance and corruption is coming, “said Espert, which generated the complaint of the deputies who rejected his speech at the venue.

Hebe de Bonafini

Image: Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

Espert’s statements led to a question of privilege presented at the venue by the head of the FdT bench, German Martinezwho flatly rejected the speech of the Avanza Libertad deputy.

You cannot use the time of the tributes to speak against the person for whom the tribute is being made. This never happened. What he did betrays Labor agreements. In the chamber, a time of tributes was never used to say the barbarities what did he say. Celebrate death, disqualify the person who has just died“, concluded the head of the FdT bench.

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